Artichoke Stewed Pork Soup – A Lovely Specialty From Dalat

Artichoke has many benefits to your health and immune system, and it is also used to make most of the popular dishes in Dalat, including artichoke stewed pork soup.


Dalat artichoke which was not only famous in Vietnam but also over the world. In the opinion of biologic experts, nowhere in Asia have better quality artichoke than Dalat artichoke thanks to characteristics of a particular area.

When tourists come to the flower city — Da Lat, not only do they look for fresh, cool climate, but they enjoy many specialties of the mountain city as well. Among these specialties, the artichoke stewed pork soup, and the chicken giblets steamed thin rice pancake are two famous specialties of Da Lat, which are recognized by the Vietnam Record Association as 5-year Top 100 cuisine specialties of Vietnam (2011-2016).

Where were the artichokes planted in Dalat?

In Dalat, almost artichokes were planting at Lac Duong, Thai Phien and Van Thanh.

The harvested season of artichoke in Dalat is from May to July annually. At this harvested season, you can take advantage of purchasing the best artichokes at the cheapest price.

The benefits of artichokes

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

Artichokes are frequently cited as a super food, in part because of their high levels of antioxidants. Studies show a number of proven and potential health benefits of artichokes.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. One study showed that artichoke leaf juice helped regulate blood pressure for people with mild high blood pressure. Though studies are still in their early stages, researchers believe that the high levels of potassium in artichokes may be a contributing factor to this effect.

Early studies suggest that artichoke leaf extract may help lower cholesterol levels. Because research on these effects have been limited and the sample sizes were relatively small, however, artichokes are not yet being recommended as a treatment for high cholesterol.

A few small studies have shown that artichoke can improve liver function for people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Though there’s no data yet about its effect on alcoholic fatty liver disease, there’s evidence that artichoke leaf extract can contribute to overall liver health.

Artichoke stewed pork soup, the specialty of the “flower city”

Photo: DienmayXANH
Photo: DienmayXANH

At the same time, it is the medicinal herb imported to Vietnam by the French, from the early years of the twentieth century and planted in many places, however, only the climate and soil of Da Lat is suitable for the growth and development of this precious plant. Artichoke is a high economic value crop for the mountain people with many fresh and dried products preferred by consumers such as Artichoke tea bags artichoke glue, artichoke extracts, pharmaceutical medicine etc.

Additionally, no one knows when the fresh artichoke bulbs through the ingenious hands of the chefs have been launched to be the artichoke stewed pork soup, which is not only delicious but also extremely nutritious, with such effects as heat relief, body detoxification, anti-aging, insomnia Artichoke stewed pork soup is popular, delicious, heat-resistant against some diseases caused by heat n the liver such as liver acne It is also a good medicine for the body, increasing body strength, increasing bile secretion, induce the anti-toxicity of the liver, stimulate digestion, diuretic.


Artichoke soup stewed with pig’s feet is especially good for women after baby delivery, the soup increases the amount of natural milk available to the mother. In addition, this soup helps keep the heart in good condition to inhale sufficient oxygen, so those poor circulation and heart disease patients should eat this food twice a week to strengthen their heart, maintain good blood circulation to help their skin be pinky.

Ingredients to cook the dish include pork trotters, artichoke flowers, carrot, fresh onion, coriander, dried purple onion, salt, pepper, and pork broth.

To cook the dish, first you clean the pork trotters and cut them into pieces. Then parboil it, before letting them cool and marinating them with minced dried onion, salt, pepper, sugar and broth for half an hour.

Ingredients to cook the dish include pork trotters and artichoke flowers. Photo
Ingredients to cook the dish include pork trotters and artichoke flowers. Photo

Carrots are cut into cubes, while the artichoke should be cleaned with light salt water and then under running water. It should be cut into two or four parts (depending on the size of the flowers) while its stems are sliced.

The marinated pork trotters are put in boiling water and cooked until they become soft with a fragrant aroma. The carrots, artichoke flowers and stems are put in the pot and cooked over a medium heat for ten minutes before the spice is added.

According to nutritionists from the National Institute of Nutrition, artichoke is very good for health. It has many nutritional properties.

The use of artichoke helps with liver ailments, gall stones and high cholesterol, the nutritionists said.

Photo: Meat Deli
Photo: Meat Deli

Other Specialtries: Dalat artichoke tea

Dalat artichoke tea has a unique pleasant aroma, specially with the hot water, it turns into a refreshing and energizing health-promoting drink which can be very useful to anyone. Just steep a bag of this wonderful herbal tea for 3-4 minutes in a cup of hot water, and enjoy beautiful refreshing flavor and numerous artichoke tea benefits. Artichoke tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea with slightly sweet taste and very smooth flavor.

How Dalat artichoke tea was made?

Roots and flowers of the artichoke tree are used to manufacture the artichoke tea. However, some manufacturers additionally blend other ingredients in it. When consumed either hot or cold, it has a sweet taste of its own and a characteristic pleasant aroma.

Which benefits of Dalat artichoke tea?

Dalat artichoke tea benefits take source from rich vitamin and nutrient content to stimulate fat burning (promoting effective weight reduction) and lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood, artichoke tea benefits include also such therapeutic properties of this product as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which can help you avoid bladder, liver and kidney infections.

Please note that if you allergic to dandelion or chamomile have high chances of being allergic to artichoke as well. Also, this herbal tea is not safe for people with gallstones or other kidney-related problems.