Antioxidant Effect Of Herbs In Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea

Using herbs daily to improve health is becoming a new trend in recent years. Herbs are said to have very strong antioxidant properties, which can help prevent the aging process, reduce the impact of harmful free radicals on the body.


The use of herbs in their natural form or in combination in products such as Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea is a new and hopeful choice in the current trend.

Herbs are plants that have been identified to have certain medicinal properties or to have some pharmacological effect on the human and animal body. Herbs have been used for thousands of years, and their use has been proven to provide many health benefits.

Anti-Oxidant Herbs

Oxidation and anti-oxidation take place every day with all living organisms, animals and plants, including humans. Normally, with a healthy body, these two processes are balanced, but in some cases, more oxidants are generated (from food, a highly polluted environment), or a certain disease overdoes them. The antioxidant process is weakened (chronic disease, advanced age…), which will lead to pathological conditions and others diseases.


It is true that the body can synthesize small amounts of antioxidants on its own. However, in order to produce optimal antioxidant effects, larger amounts of external antioxidants are needed, specifically from the diet, plants, fruits or vegetables. The well-known antioxidants includes vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene; other substances are polyphenols, flavonoids, lutein, zeaxanthin, etc.

Antioxidant herbs are herbs that contain one or more compounds with antioxidant effects which can provide antioxidant effects to the body. Many herbs have been proven by studies to have a high antioxidant index, including familiar plants such as cloves, cinnamon, anise, turmeric, fennel, etc. Dr. Thanh herbal tea, with typical herbs of Vietnam, have been proven to bring good antioxidant capacity such as honeysuckle flower, chrysanthemum flower, dandelion flower, licorice, Arhat fruit.

The Use of Anti-Oxidant Herbs

Antioxidant herbs can be used in a variety of ways include:

Use in daily diet: add herbs to dishes such as ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, etc. This method only brings a very small amount of antioxidants into the body but it is a safe way to use

Use in the form of functional foods: they can be in the form of mixed powders, oral tablets. It can bring a large amount of antioxidants into the body, however, it is often expensive, and it is necessary to use the right dose to avoid exceeding the prescription.

Use in the form of tea, decoction: the amount of antioxidants absorb in the body with a moderate dose and this usage is safe for health. Dr. Thanh herbal tea applies modern sterile cold extraction technology from Europe, keeping the antioxidant active ingredients at an optimal level, safe for hygiene, and good for health.

Herbal tea products Dr. Bar – a product using anti-oxidant herbs

Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea contains 9 precious herbs including honeysuckle, chrysanthemum flower, summer dried herb, dandelion flower, sprung licorice, primrose, licorice, arhat fruit, and myrrh flower. According to published scientific documents, these 9 types are all herbs rich in antioxidants.

These are all herbs that have been scientifically proven to have antioxidant properties. The antioxidants present in the herbs of Dr Thanh tea are mainly flavonoids with strong antioxidant effects such as anthocyanins, luteolin, quercetin, myricetin, glucoside. They help reduce free radicals on many different organs such as eyes, heart, blood vessels, liver, etc.

Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea. Photo: vietnamtimes.
Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea. Photo: vietnamtimes.
Ingredients: Water, Lonicera Japonica Thunb 3,4%, Chrysanthemum 3,2 %, Momordica grosvenori 2,1%, Prunella vulgaris 1,8%, Gtycyrrhiza uralensis 1,6%, Plumeria rubra 1,5 %, Gossampinus maIabarica 0,7%, Mcrocas panicutula 0,5 %, Mesona chinensis Benth 0,5%, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose.

Honeysuckle in tea Dr. Bark is considered a precious herb, containing the main antioxidants luteolin and luteolin-7-glucoside (a member of the flavonoid group). Besides honeysuckle, Chamomile is also another precious herb with many health effects because it contains the main antioxidant compounds such as apigenin, quercetin as well as various glucosides.

In addition, Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea also contains arhat fruit, which is known as the “fruit of longevity” due to its large amount of antioxidants, typically mogroside. Licorice – another herb that also helps to sweeten, contains Glycyrrhizin which has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Not only using extracts from 9 precious herbs, Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea also applies modern Aseptic technology, which is closed and sterile in the production process. It helps to extract the essences of 9 herbs and remove unnecessary impurities. Thereby it brings a qualified product for the health of consumers.

Ruby Lee