Agoda: Vietnam Tops The List As Trendy Asian Pacific Holiday Destination

Vietnam is listed as one of the top 5 preferred destinations for tourists in the Asia-Pacific region during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday, according to the booking app Agoda.


Agoda has reported that Vietnam is becoming a popular destination for Asian tourists who are seeking a traditional holiday experience. Vietnam’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine also contribute to its rising popularity as a trending destination.

According to Agoda, Vietnam is one of the top 5 most chosen destinations for tourists in the Asia-Pacific region during the upcoming Lunar New Year holiday (Photo: TD)

In addition, Vietnam offers numerous ideal destinations that attract a large number of foreign tourists during this time of the year. According to Agoda, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Hanoi, Phu Quoc island, and Da Lat are some of the must-visit spots in Vietnam.

“When it comes to the largest number of tourists visiting Vietnam during the holidays, Korean tourists lead the way. The Tet season will be a bustling time for Vietnam’s tourism industry,” claimed Agoda.

Melissa Matthews, the Regional Director of Southeast Asia and North America at Red Savannah – a luxury travel company, shared some interesting tips on experiencing Lunar New Year celebrations in Vietnam on the American website Travel + Leisure.

The article suggests that tourists should anticipate increased traffic and difficulties in commuting. Many businesses close for a week or more to celebrate Tet, so tourists should plan their itinerary carefully. The Lunar New Year holiday usually falls at the end of January or early February, but in 2024, the first day of the Lunar New Year falls on February 10.

Melissa Matthews advises tourists to visit the beach during the holiday period for a unique experience. However, tourists should expect higher prices for services and a shortage of staff during the peak season.

One of the most significant holiday customs in Vietnam is wrapping Banh Chung (Photo: TD).

Despite the challenges, visiting Vietnam during the Lunar New Year period offers tourists a valuable opportunity to immerse themselves in traditional Asian cultures and witness age-old customs such as ancestor worship, Ong Cong Ong Tao (Worship of the Kitchen Gods), visiting family members for the New Year, and participating in the tradition of wrapping Banh Chung. These unique experiences will create lasting memories for tourists during their time in Vietnam.

Zoey Nguyễn