Admire the Natural Beauty of the 800-year-old Weeping Fig

Located right at the gate of Suoi Coc village, Hop Hoa commune, the ancient weeping fig which has been around for over 800 years old is considered the village gate. People consider it a masterpiece of nature bestowed upon this place, and has the largest total original circumference in Hoa Binh. The fig is protected and preserved by local people, surrounded by hills and vast green rice fields.


This is the tree with the largest total root circumference and also the first tree of Hoa Binh province to be recognized as a Vietnamese Heritage tree by the Vietnam Association for Nature and Environment.

In 2012, after the ancient tree at the entrance of the village was recognized as a Vietnamese Heritage Tree, the people of Suoi Coc village (Hop Hoa commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh) considered the tree as the “treasure” of the village. They put the weeping fig in the village and commune’s convention to protect it together, and appoint people to keep an eye on the tree every day.

Since ancient times, the old people have nicknamed this tree “village’s ghost” and then passed it on to their children and grandchildren. Experiencing many fierce resistance wars, this weeping fig still stands proudly as a guardian deity fighting the enemy and protecting the peace of the village.

Admire the Natural Beauty of the 800 year-old Weeping Fig
On May 25, 2012, the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment recognized and labeled this ancient tree as a Vietnamese heritage tree

The weeping fig – “village’s ghost” of the people of Luong Son, Hoa Binh

In the past, the tree had countless roots. Even after many different seasons, the tree still has 54 roots spreading in all directions. This tree is home to many species of orchids that look very beautiful. With a lifespan of over 800 years, the ancient weeping fig has been a “character” in the films “Village’s ghost” and “Village’s ghost 10 years later” by directors Nguyen Huu Phan and Hoang Lam.

Admire the Natural Beauty of the 800 year-old Weeping Fig
Stone stele of the ancient weeping fig

It was that popularity that made the tree known to film directors. The first person to bring the fig into the world of cinema was director Nguyen Huu Phan. During a trip to Muong, he was told by people about the tree of Suoi Coc village. When he came there and witnessed the magnificence of the ancient weeping fig, and the simplicity of Suoi Coc village, he immediately chose this place as the filming location.

The scenes of the hit movie Village’s ghost 1 (2007) were taken in Suoi Coc village. The realistic movie background, profound content, and beautiful scenes have made the film Village’s ghost 1 a huge success.

Following the success of Village’s ghost 1, the film Dan Troi (2012) directed by Bui Huy Thuan; Village’s ghost 2 (2013) directed by Nguyen Huu Phan; comedy series “The village with no wife” directed by Tran Binh Trong… all of them used Suoi Coc’s ancient weeping fig as the background for scenes.

Since then, Suoi Coc has become a real “actor.” The context of any film shot here also makes the movie successful and loved by the audience.

After hundreds of years, the ancient tree in Suoi Coc village is still green and has a wide canopy to shelter people on hot summer afternoons. To the people of Suoi Coc, the weeping fig is like the soul of the village. People and trees are like soul mates, trees and people blend into one. Day after day, the tree still gives shade, is a place for children to play, and becomes a favorite destination of many adventurers.

Da Quang