A Travel Guide For Your Winter Trip To Dalat

Dalat in winter is akin to heaven on earth!


Dalat looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps. Many of its hotels and houses were built in a French style during the period of French colonization.

Interestingly within the domestic travel market, Dalat tops the list for Saigon vacationers to visit, thanks to its difference from many other cities in Vietnam; the air is pure and perfect, the coffee is the best in the country, there is no traffic light in the intersection, no air conditioner needed, no hectic nightlife and entertainment activity. Whether for this same reason foreign visitors find the city appealing, Dalat is definitely worth a visit.

Photo: tiemcaphenhalac
Photo: tiemcaphenhalac

The last months of the year are suitable for a long journey discovering Dalat, since the dry season here is cool, and comfortable with little rain, making it a great time for tourists to relax and explore.

Aside from the cool weather and beautiful natural scenery, this place is also a haven for tourism activities, check-in destinations, and diverse cuisine.


Photo: Markus Winkler/Unsplash
Photo: Markus Winkler/Unsplash

The road from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat is more than 300 km in length. Tourists can choose to travel either by plane, bus, car, or motorbike.

If you want to save time, traveling by plane is the best option for you. The flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat will only take about 1 hour. Every day there will be more than 6 flights, spread over the morning, afternoon, and evening from different airlines.

However, Lien Khuong airport is about 30 km from the center of Dalat, so it will take you about 30 – 45 minutes to go by taxi or bus.

With tourists who want to have some time to rest on the way, you can choose to take a bus. The price ranges from VND270.000 to VND420.000 for a one-way trip. It depends on your needs that you can choose either a sleeper bus or a normal bus.

Thanh Buoi and Phuong Trang are two car companies chosen by most tourists. You can book tickets for departures at night, so you can arrive at your destination early the next morning, and avoid possible traffic jams.

For people and trekkers who enjoy challenges and love to explore along the way, the best choice is to travel by motorbike. It will take you an average of 8 hours to get to your destination, and it can be changed due to the speed and traffic situation.

You should start your trip and ride your motorbike while being in your healthiest and most alert state. Some backpackers begin their journeys early around 5 – 6 am, as they will have more time to watch the beautiful scenery and avoid the crowded streets.

Where to stay

Dalat has quite a lot of accommodation options, from budget to luxury. Guests can choose a homestay or hotel near the city center for more convenience.

For those who prefer a fresh atmosphere and peacefulness, the homestays located in the suburbs of the city are a great option that you can consider.

1. Banla Boutique Hotel

Photo: @chiakiindalat
Photo: @chiakiindalat

Address: Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Dalat

Price: VND1.3 million (US$52.36)/ night

The hotel is located about 4 km from Dalat supermarket and has just been in operation at the beginning of this year.

The place follows the Nordic design with white, brown, beige, and cream tones in colors, and natural materials bring a rustic and warm feeling. Especially, it always focuses on tourists’ personal experiences during their stay.

Photo: @chiakiindalat
Photo: @chiakiindalat

The hotel also serves breakfasts, with a lot of European and Asian dishes throughout the day. After a hearty meal, tourists can join in a party on the rooftop area and order drinks at the bar.

2. View Home

Photo: @chiakiindalat
Photo: @chiakiindalat

Address: Trinh Hoai Duc, Dalat

Price: VND1.8 million (US$72.50)/ night

The homestay is only about 7 km from Dalat supermarket. One of the best features of the homestay is the Suite room with its own entertainment room, including a bathtub with a mountain view, projector, speakers, free fruit, and wine.

There is also a BBQ area, a restaurant, and a separate cafe for guests.

3. Le Récit Boutiqué Hôtel de Dalat

Photo: @chiakiindalat
Photo: @chiakiindalat

Address: Bui Thi Xuan, Dalat

Price: VND1.1 million (US$44.31)/ night

The hotel is located near Xuan Huong lake and about 750 m from Dalat.

The space here is designed in a classical French architectural style. The furniture and interior have beige and brown colors that create a very elegant and cozy feeling.

The hotel has a full range of services such as buffet breakfast on weekends, BBQ on the rooftop, etc.

What to do

During the last months of the year, if you have time to visit Dalat, you should not miss these absolutely gorgeous and stunning flower seasons that are blooming everywhere.

Wildflowers season: Da Quy is one of the most typical wildflowers of the Central Highlands. Every season, you will easily catch the bright yellow colors of this flower on the roadside and the wild fields in Dalat. The yellow color of the flowers growing from the land and the atmosphere of the highland makes wild shrubs on the road suddenly bright and joyful.

Hydrangeas flower season: Dalat is one of the famous places for beautiful hydrangeas. Walking around the city’s gardens and Lam Vien Square, you will find the majority of pedestrians love these flowers.

Photo: Quynh Danh
Photo: Quynh Danh

Season of flower triangular circuit: The tiny triangular veins of flowers if you look near you don’t see anything special, but when you come to the season, you will be surprised by the shimmering beauty of this flower. Hundreds of triangular circuit flowers when simultaneously hatched will cover the white fields, creating a space identical to romantic movies.

Lavender season: Lavender, or lavender, often reminds us of the fields in the far south of France. However, right in the heart of Dalat, this flower is still blooming and gives off a sweet scent, which makes it impossible for tourists who accidentally go through it.

Besides, the weather in Dalat at this time is quite nice, and visitors can experience some outdoor activities such as rowing SUP to watch the sunset at Tuyen Lam Lake, visit the beautiful vineyard, or participate in some thrilling games on the beach.

Especially, visitors should not miss the beautiful afternoon of the foggy city. You can choose cafes as a stopover or camp with friends on the famous hills.

Charlotte Pho