A Hanoian Autumn Appears in HCMC Park

The rows of deciduous trees at the Truong Sa embankment (District 3, Ho Chi Minh City) are attracting attention on social media. The intertwined colors of green, yellow, and red leaves, the covering of falling leaves covering the road, flying in the wind, make many people think about Hanoi's autumn.


The image of deciduous trees at the Truong Sa embankment (District 3, between Dien Bien Phu bridge and Thi Nghe bridge) is attracting attention on social media with tens of thousands of viewing shares. Towering trees with spreading boughs “embracing” the road, and falling yellow leaves create a rare romantic scene in Saigon.

Many people are surprised by the dreamy scenery as beautiful as the autumn of Da Lat and Hanoi right in the heart of bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo: @minhquan.nguyen/ Instagram
Photo: @minhquan.nguyen/ Instagram

“Yellow leaves fall in the wind, covering the road, creating a very “autumn” scene that I thought Ho Chi Minh City did not have. This is the first time I took photos constantly because I didn’t want to miss the autumn moment”, shared Minh Quan – the author of the photo series.

The set of photos was taken by Quan at the end of October. As a programmer with a passion for photography and travel, Quan has traveled to many lands around the country to capture moments of nature and the lives of local people. Minh Quan used to welcome autumn in many provinces and cities across Vietnam.

Photo: @minhquan.nguyen/Instagram
Photo: @minhquan.nguyen/ Instagram

“Reminiscing about autumn, people often think about Hanoi. I feel that each place has a different autumn beauty. While in Hanoi, autumn has an ancient and romantic feature with yellow leaves on the old walls, in Ho Chi Minh City, autumn appears prominently in parks and embankments, where citizens often gather on weekends to sip a cup of coffee,” Quan shared.

After the image of this golden road was shared by Minh Quan on social media, a lot of citizens and tourists searched for the address, looking forward to coming here to admire and take pictures.

Phuong Nguyen