A Clean Future: Vietnam and EU Unite for Environmental Progress

"Europe Day in Vietnam: Vietnam and the EU Join Forces for a Sustainable Future" The event, hosted in the picturesque Ha Long City, aims to bring together the business community and the public to foster a collective awareness of environmental responsibility. With the theme "Vietnam - EU Joining Hands for a Clean Environment", the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the initiative to highlight the importance of protecting our natural ecosystems and promoting sustainable practices.


On the 12th of May, Vietnam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the EU Delegation and Quang Ninh Province, organized a special event to commemorate Europe Day in Vietnam. The event, a cleanup of the marine environment in the Bai Chay area and Ha Long Bay, attracted significant attention and participation from both domestic and international delegates.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Le Thi Thu Hang, addressed the gathering, highlighting the challenges faced in marine environmental protection, including pollution, littering, and untreated wastewater. She also emphasized the need to raise public awareness about preserving and protecting our oceans.

Nearly 200 delegates united to collect garbage along Bai Chay Beach and in the iconic Ha Long Bay. (Photo: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

The Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to tackling these environmental challenges. In addition to working closely with various ministries, branches, and localities, they have also actively fostered cooperation with other countries and international organizations on environmental protection and climate change response.

The EU and its member countries have been invaluable partners in this endeavor, providing significant support to Vietnam through development cooperation initiatives focused on climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, forest protection, and waste management.

According to Deputy Minister Le Thi Thu Hang, the Vietnam – EU Day event in Ha Long serves as a powerful initiative to engage the business community and the public in embracing responsible environmental behavior. It aims to foster a collective sense of stewardship for our natural ecosystems, particularly our marine environment, to prevent pollution and degradation.

The delegates received traditional Vietnamese conical hats as gifts, symbolizing unity and environmental stewardship. (Photo: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment)

This event also strengthens the bond between Quang Ninh Province and the EU Delegation and Embassies of EU countries in Hanoi, contributing to Vietnam’s comprehensive partnership and cooperation with the EU. Additionally, it conveys a powerful message: “Joining hands to preserve and protect a green, clean, and beautiful environment for future generations.”

As part of the event, delegates actively participated in trash collection efforts at Bai Chay Beach and Ha Long Bay, translating their commitment into action.

Phuong Nguyen