6th Edition of the Vietnam Public Sector Union’s Congress Scheduled to Begin on September 30

The 6th Congress of Vietnam Public Sector Union, term 2023-2028 will take place at the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics from September 30th to October 1st, 2023.

6th Congress of Vietnam Public Sector Union to Take Place from September 30
Vice President of Vietnam Public Sector Union Tran Thi Kim Anh presented gifts to union members in difficult situations in Hanoi on September 25.

At the Congress, the Vietnam Public Sector Union will present its first Dedication Awards, a noble award from the Executive Committee to excellent officials who have made significant and long-term contributions to the work of the Union’s member units and agencies.

The Congress is an important political event of the Vietnam Public Sector Union, a democratic, widespread, and compelling event among civil servants and employees under the Union.

The Congress is expected to welcome 300 official delegates and 150 guests.

To spread information about the Congress, an online contest named “Vietnam Trade Union and Vietnam Public Sector Union through Congresses” was held earlier, aiming to create unity in awareness and action among all levels of the Union, stimulate confidence in the continuous development of the working class, civil servants, public employees, and staffs in the Union.

Over a week after launching, the contest received 19,000 registrations and 30,000 test turns from officials and employees from ministries, units, and agencies at both central and local levels.

6th Congress of Vietnam Public Sector Union to Take Place from September 30
The Executive Committee of VUFO’s Officers Union, session 10, 2023-2028 tenure (Photo: Thu Ha)

On June 23, in Hanoi, the Officers Union of Viet Nam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO) held its 10th Congress, term 2023-2028.

According to the Congress’s report, during the 2017-2023 tenure, despite difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the VUFO’s Officers Union has comprehensively implemented all tasks with many innovative, practical, and substantive activities, ensuring its good performance in protecting the legitimate rights and interests of officials. It arranged for all union members to be vaccinated against Covid-19, and timely visited and took care of severe cases of Covid-19 infection.

Besides, the union’s members receive a periodic health check package. In addition to ensuring good implementation of social insurance, health insurance, and other regimes according to the provisions of labor law, the Union carries out many activities to train, improve health, and listen to the members’ thoughts to understand their situation, hold regular visits to encourage the members.

The Union’s activities have made practical contributions to VUFO leaders’ administration, through which all aspects of VUFO’s work are well accomplished. The officials’ political ideology is maintained, with no prominent mistakes detected, and no officers fined.

The 10th Congress elected 7 members to the Executive Committee for a new tenure. Nguyen Thi Thu Giang, Head of the European Department, was re-elected as the Union’s President for the 2023-2028 tenure.

Amy Mai Nguyen