2024 New Year Concert by Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations

The international art exchange program to welcome New Year 2024 will feature a variety of stunning performances. Some of the highlights include the mesmerizing traditional dance from the Mongolian Embassy and the Chinese Embassy, the soulful rendition of "Huwag Kang mawawalk" by the Philippine Embassy, and the enchanting "Tomodachi - Tinh ban" (Tomodachi - Friendship) song by the Japanese Embassy. Each performance showcases the unique cultural heritage and talent of these countries, creating a truly unforgettable experience for all attendees.


An international art exchange program to celebrate the arrival of New Year 2024 was organized by the Hanoi Union of Friendship Organizations (HAUFO) on January 16 as part of efforts to foster and strengthen the friendship between the people of Vietnam and foreign nations from around the globe, according to VNA.

The event was attended by ambassadors, representatives from foreign embassies in Vietnam, international and non-governmental organizations, and foreign students studying in Hanoi.

The program attracted nearly 500 spectators in the capital city, showcasing art performances that embodied both the traditional and contemporary cultural identities of Vietnam, as well as those from 7 other countries including America, Japan, Mongolia, China, Philippines, Indonesia, and Laos. Photo: Thoi Dai

Speaking at the event, HAUFO Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Ky affirmed that 2023 was a successful year for the capital city’s foreign affairs despite the challenges and opportunities that arose. Many bilateral and multilateral relationships between Hanoi and other countries and territories, localities, and foreign organizations were established and elevated.

Various exchange and friendship activities were organized, paving the way for cooperation in the fields of economy, politics, culture, and society, thereby enhancing Hanoi and Vietnam’s overall international standing, he stated.

The Chairman expressed his gratitude to the international delegates for their support and cooperation, and for standing united with Vietnam on its journey of integration and development.

Medley performance by the New Vitality Orchestra. Photo: HAUFO

The participants reviewed and shared their experiences in foreign affairs, specifically in people-to-people diplomacy, throughout 2023. They emphasized the pivotal role of Hanoi in the development and advancement of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and other nations across the world.

Traditional Chinese dance by the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam. Photo: HAUFO

Saadi Salama, the Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam and the head of the Diplomatic Corps in Vietnam, expressed his hope that HAUFO will achieve even greater success in promoting people-to-people diplomacy and fostering solidarity and friendship between the people of Hanoi, Vietnam, and the international community.

On this occasion, the diplomat extended his wishes for a New Year filled with peace, happiness, and prosperity to the people of Hanoi.

Hannah Nguyen