A total of 10,491 metres of caves have been discovered by the BCRA in Vietnam. The 11-member team had made an expedition plan from March 3 to 20 in Quang Binh.

They were divided into two groups to different areas to survey new caves in Bo Trach, Quang Ninh and Minh Hoa districts.

 During the expedition, they found and named 12 caves. They are 554.6m-long Doc Co Cave, 51.5m End Cave and 413m Dry Vom Cave in Bo Trach, 3,872m Nuoc Ngam Cave, 1,919m Nuoc Lan 3 Cave, 460m Hung Thoai Cave and 100m Coincidental Cave in Quang Ninh.

 Minh Hoa District has 194.8m Horned Viper or Phu Nhieu 2 Cave, 2,012m Phu Nhieu 4 Cave, 314m Cha Ra Cave, 137m Thoang Lip Cave and many caves with underground rivers.

 According to the experts, the limestone formations at the new caves include stalactites, stalagmites, columns and flowstones.

 The caves didn’t have any human traces.