An art exhibition titled “Big World Seen from Little Eyes” by Xeo Chu aka Pho Van An is on display at D Contemporary Exhibition House until April 10. 

The painting exhibition to celebrate Vietnamese Days in the UK by Xeo Chu. Photo courtesy of the painter. 

The exhibition features 41 paintings that Chu has dedicated to the last 10 years in Vietnam. Showcasing three to four paintings per year, this exhibition offers a front seat to the journey of a young Vietnamese painter with a sheer passion for art.

The ‘Mu Cang Chai’ series is also on display featuring paintings of rice fields grown on the side of mountain ranges characteristic of Northern Vietnam; the large yellow silk-like mountain ranges, one of Vietnam’s most unique national landmarks, earned themselves the title of National Nature Reserve.

Acrylic on canvas is the main material of Chu’s paintings which depict Vietnamese famous beautiful landscapes such as Ha Long Bay, Mu Cang Chai Mountain, among others.

The artwork titled “Ha Long Bay” was chosen as a gift for Prince Charles by the Vietnamese Ambassador to the United Kingdom

Chu said that he was very happy to have a chance to display his artworks in such a great exhibition center as D Contemporary of London.

“This is my dream. Through my paintings, I hope the world can see how magnificent Vietnam is,” he said.

Earlier, Chu used to hold his solo exhibitions in some abroad exhibition houses in Singapore, New York (USA) and Dubai (UAE). In 2021, Chu successfully sold one of his works called “Lucky Plum Blossom” on the NTF Art Creating Platform for US$23,000.

Below are other artworks by Xeo Chu:

 “Flowers around the house 1” by Xeo Chu (2021)

 “Flowers around the house 2” by Xeo Chu (2021)
“Flowers around the house 3” by Xeo Chu (2021)
 Xeo Chu’s painting titled “Autumn in Canada” (2019) and “Kayaking in Ho Tram Lake” (2020).