In 2022, Hanoi called for the enlistment of 3,662 young people, reaching 104.6% compared to the target of 3,500.

241 new recruits from Dong Anh District have been selected to join the army.

This year, military handover ceremonies were organised for no more than 25 minutes, in accordance with anti-epidemic regulations.

New recruit Nguyen Dinh Thien from Ba Dinh District said he felt proud to follow the path of older generations and is eager to fulfil his duty as a citizen to the motherland.

Secretary of the Hanoi Municipal Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung visits and encourages new recruits in Dong Anh District.

The rookies pass through the “Gate of Glory” to enlist in the army.

44 citizens of Dong Anh district are eager performed their duties in the People’s Police force.

“Try your best to fulfil your duty as a useful citizen of the country and society”, said a mother while waving goodbye to her son.