Young Hanoians captivated by futuristic historical showcase

This groundbreaking multimedia exhibition explores the heart and soul of Hanoi, presenting its transformation with 200 thoughtfully selected stories. Drawing from the vast collection of over 5,000 anecdotes gathered by Humans of Hanoi, these narratives come together to create a vivid and captivating depiction of the city's journey.


Hanoi, Vietnam: A convergence of striking photographs and cutting-edge multimedia technology captivates young residents of Hanoi on a thrilling journey through the city’s vibrant past, dynamic present, and envisioned future. “Streams of Hanoi,” a collaborative exhibition by Humans of Hanoi and Ocean City, a project that documents the lives of ordinary Hanoians, invites visitors to embark on a captivating voyage through time.

Stepping into the exhibition is akin to entering a time portal. Renowned visual artist Cao Hoàng Long skillfully employs set design, evocative lighting, and spatial manipulation to seamlessly merge the Hanoi of yesteryear with its contemporary counterpart within the same space. Rather than being passive spectators, visitors actively participate in the sensory experience, engaging with visuals and narratives that breathe life into history.

Photos showcase. Photo: STREAM OF HANOI

This groundbreaking multimedia exhibition delves into the essence of Hanoi, tracing its evolution through 200 curated narratives. The exhibition draws from a rich tapestry of over 5,000 stories collected by Humans of Hanoi. It showcases the city’s quaint, weathered alleyways and tranquil rhythms of bygone eras alongside its sprawling boulevards and burgeoning metropolises of today. “Streams of Hanoi” presents a compelling portrait of a city pulsating with life and resplendent in its multidimensional character.

Representation of the modern Hanoi. Photo: STREAM OF HANOI

“Traditional history lessons never truly resonated with me,” confessed a young visitor. “But this exhibition is fresh, interactive, and tells Hanoi’s story through the voices of its people. It brings history to life in a way I’ve never experienced before.”


“Streams of Hanoi” continues to captivate visitors at 93 Dinh Tien Hoang until January 21. This innovative exhibition offers a unique opportunity to experience Hanoi’s captivating narrative through a modern lens. Don’t miss this chance to discover the soul of a city pulsating with the timeless stories of its people.