Light snowfall appeared with a thickness of 5-10 cm by 10am this morning.

Snowfall in the area around Nhiu Co San Primary School.

Snow and ice cover the trees and grass.

Roads covered in white snow.

Visitors lucky to admire the visage

Earlier on January 10, the area was covered in ice.

Y Ty is about 80km from Sa Pa. from O Quy Ho, visitors turn onto a path through Khoang hamlet and the forest to go to Y Ty.

Ice and snow cover the trees along both sides of the forest.

The rural market is still active to serve tourists in Y Ty. The local people burn firewood and gather together.

Visitors, who wish to admire the snow and ice, cannot ignore the peaks in the Y Ty forest whenever the strong cold winds arrive.

Many tourists are very excited.

A low temperature of below 0 degree can drain mobile phones of their power, so visitors should plug them into power banks constantly so as to not miss capturing beautiful moments.

The path from the peak to Y Ty commune.

The scene is very romantic.

The temperature is around 0 degrees and often below 0 degrees Celsius all day long.

The trees are almost frozen, creating a magnificent scene.

The highest point on Highway 158 from Sapa to Y Ty is covered with ice and snow.

Looking down the mountainside, the buildings are hidden in the mist.

Despite the dangerous road from Sapa to Y Ty, many visitors come to “hunt” the ice and snow.