In the past, when it comes to Moc Chau plums, tourists often visit Na Ka plum valley, on the side of Nong Truong town. In the past three years, after investing in the road system, Mu Nau has "usurped" Na Ka to become the most beautiful and wild plum valley in Moc Chau.

Located at an altitude of more than 1,000m above sea level, Mu Nau plum valley stretches over an area of 200ha of primeval forest, interspersed with dozens of apricot and ancient plum gardens.

Plum flowers in Mu Nau usually bloom duing the period between New Year’s Eve and Lunar New Year, the blooming only lasts about two weeks.

Plum flowers in Moc Chau in general and Mu Nau in particular, are often planted in one area, not scattered around each garden or individual houses, like other northern mountainous localities. So, when flowering, the entire forest, farm or valley of plum trees, will be white at the same time, creating a wonderful spring picture, unmatched anywhere else.

The road to Mu Nau is only about 2km long, although it has been renovated and asphalted, it is still quite steep. Visitor can hire a motorbike taxi service from locals, for 120,000 VND each way.

Currently, there are dozens of households growing plums in Mu Nau, each garden is vast. Individual gardens have different beauty, you only need to see one or two plum gardens to be more than satisfied. The cost to visit the plum garden is VND 20,000 per person, with unlimited time. Many people even camp in the garden for a whole day and night, to immerse themselves in nature.

The pure white colour of plum blossoms make the mountains and forests seem brighter, spreading throughout Moc Chau like a new coat to welcome spring. Many people also compare white plum blossoms to snowflakes, especially when falling, it looks like snow in the wind.

Plum flowers will fade very quickly because of their thin petals, so the plum blossom season is only temporarily beautiful and lasts about 10-15 days. After that period of time, leaves will sprout and many trees will have scattered fruit.

Hmong children innocently play under the plum tree.

The beauty of Moc Chau captured through the lens of a film camera: