Lang – Hanoi weather station is the workplace of three women: Vu Thi May, Le Thi Ha, and Nguyen Lan Huong.

Each of them has her own reason to go for the job, one is simply following the family’s tradition while another is in pursuit of her childhood dream.

Their responsibilities are to collect and record temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind, and other weather parameters, and analyse weather conditions. The data must be collected four times a day, at 1AM, 7AM, 1PM and 7PM, including during holidays.

The job sounds boring and repetitive but it requires a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

The weather parameters must be recorded with highest accuracy and meticulousness.

The weather observers must then make a report in the logbook, enter data into specialised software system, and send them to the Northern Delta Regional Hydro-Meteorological Centre.

Le Thi Ha starts her working session at 1 AM. Getting settled at the job, she is not afraid of going out alone at midnight. However, she said that it is more challenging on stormy days and those of weather extremes when all of them must work and are requested to update data every 30 minutes or an hour.

No matter the weather is, the observers keep dedicated at work to provide the best forecast possible, contributing to reducing the impacts of natural disasters.