It’s been over a week since the first infection in the community was discovered in Da Nang on July 25, and the central coastal city has been struggling to fight the new outbreaks after over three months without any infections in the community across Vietnam.

The whole nation has turned to Da Nang with faith, support and best wishes in the fight against the “invisible enemy”.

Thousands of free meals have been cooked with love, responsibility and dedication to send to the medical teams and doctors who are on duty 24 hours a day in the local hospitals. Thousands of officials, soldiers and Youth Union members have been mobilised for a tough battle with the disease. They have their lunches after sunset, with the back of their shirts sweaty but their steps are not tired. All hustle to finish their work in the fastest and most effective way.

The epidemic has hit Da Nang and does not except anyone. Da Nang citizens all comply with social distancing measures, while encouraging each other to overcome the raging epidemic. They have donated money and necessities to support the frontline forces and those in concentrated isolation camps. The spirit of solidarity and mutual support shines bright.

Even with the best efforts from the local authorities and residents, Da Nang needs a lot of encouragement. Hopefully, with the support from the whole nation, Da Nang will firmly overcome the peak of the epidemic. More than ever, the sharing and sentiment sent to Da Nang have turned into best wishes for an eventually victory over COVID-19.

Da Nang during the lockdown against COVID-19.

COVID-19 testing and medical declaration are carried out simultaneously.

Local doctors are confident in the frontline.

Forces in blockade areas enjoying meals in a rush…

… to maintain their duty 24 hours a day.

A person in a blockade area takes samples for COVID-19 testing.

Locals lend a hand by carrying supplies to support blockade hospitals.

A field hospital with a capacity of over 700 beds is being formed at Tien Son Sports Palace.

Youngsters provide a help in concentrated isolation areas.

Da Nang has received encouragement from across the nation.

Da Nang streets turn empty during the current lockdown.