Vu Thanh An: Composer Donates Musical Earnings to Charity

Hundreds of love songs from the repertoire of renowned overseas Vietnamese composer Vu Thanh An have been transferred to a company in his homeland, providing them with all of his musical assets.


Composer Vu Thanh An, aged 80, has recently relocated to Vietnam from the United States with the purpose of transferring the copyright ownership of all his musical works to the Vietnamese-American Copyright Protection Joint Stock Company. The representative chosen for this significant task is the esteemed singer Ngoc Cham.

Composer Vu Thanh An and his disciple, singer Ngoc Cham. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Composer Vu Thanh An has finally fulfilled his long-standing wish. After a much-anticipated journey, he generously chose to donate all his cherished musical assets, which consisted of hundreds of songs, to his beloved student for charitable purposes.

After three years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, An contemplates the future. In the event of his departure, he ponders the destination of his musical legacy and the ways in which it could positively impact the nation and its populace.

During a recent trip to Vietnam, he had the pleasure of meeting singer Ngoc Cham. They had a heartfelt conversation about her admirable plans to support disadvantaged artists and young talent in the arts community. Inspired by her dedication, he expressed his sincere desire to join her in these endeavors. Over the years, he has come to regard singer Ngoc Cham as his own daughter, accompanying him on numerous charitable initiatives throughout Vietnam.

 Earlier this week, composer Vu Thanh An signed a letter to transfer his music assets to Cham.

Composer Vu Thanh An has made a request to Cham to acknowledge and accept the copyright ownership of his entire musical collection. The purpose of this request is to utilize the majority of the proceeds towards assisting artists and individuals in need, as well as fostering the growth of young musical talent.

In 2020

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, composer Vu Thanh An made the generous decision to donate the copyright of his musical heritage to Cham for charity.

This letter is to formally declare the transfer of all rights (unlimited in space and time) on the Internet of my works to the Vietnamese-American Copyright Protection Joint Stock Company. I am entrusting this responsibility to singer Ngoc Cham, the representative of the company.

According to Lawyer Vu Duc Hoan, the younger brother of musician Vu Thanh An, it was previously agreed that Phuong Nam Film would hold the copyright of his songs until 2024. As a result, the copyright transfer letter to singer Ngoc Cham can be seen as a prearranged arrangement.

“We assure that we will adhere to the terms agreed upon with Phuong Nam Film,” stated Hoan.

Upon receiving the signed letter, singer Ngoc Cham expressed her gratitude to the veteran musician for his trust and reassured him of her commitment to safeguarding the copyright and ensuring the optimal utilization of his musical legacy.

The music copyright transfer ceremony.

Cham expressed his unwavering dedication towards the music of Vu Thanh An, stating that he will continue to preserve, safeguard, and promote it on a larger scale. His ultimate goal is to ensure that listeners of all generations are able to appreciate and enjoy An’s profound musical works.

Singer Ngoc Cham has announced plans to establish a fund named after renowned musician Vu Thanh An. The purpose of this fund will be to support the production of love songs, with a particular emphasis on cultivating and inspiring young songwriters.

Vu Thanh An, born in 1943 in the province of Nam Dinh in northern Vietnam, is a highly esteemed songwriter known for his contributions to Vietnamese romantic music. Alongside Trinh Cong Son and Ngo Thuy Mien, Vu Thanh An has proven himself to be a truly gifted artist. His catalog includes numerous chart-topping hits, notably his collection of untitled love songs, each simply assigned a number (e.g., Nameless Song No.1, No.2…).

The anonymous love songs gained immense popularity during the mid to late 1960s upon their initial release.

Vu Thanh An – Musician’s Gesture Appreciated

Vu Thanh An – Musician’s Gesture Appreciated

In light of a significant issue of copyright infringement in the Vietnamese music industry, the actions of musician Vu Thanh An have been particularly commendable. His response demonstrates a high level of professionalism within the music business and a genuine compassion towards those who are disadvantaged in society.