Vietnamese Visual Artist’s Installation Art Exhibited in French Royal Palace

Viewers will be invited to embark on an insightful journey of self-reflection at a new exhibition featuring interactive installations.


Renowned visual artist, Quang Dai, has debuted his thought-provoking installation art at the Palais-Royal, a historic landmark in the heart of Paris. This former French royal palace has provided the perfect backdrop for Dai’s captivating exhibition.

The show’s title “How are you these days?” is elegantly displayed on the stained glass window of the gallery, featuring translations in Vietnamese, English, and French. The profound message behind this artwork is the significance of fostering connections and building relationships through dialogue.

 The artworks are on display at the Royal French Palace in District 1, Paris, France.

The pieces showcased in the exhibition are meticulously crafted using synthetic fibers, resins, and handcrafted finishes. Through their vibrant array of colors, these artworks evoke a wide range of emotions, creating a sense of being intricately molded from clay.

The Palais-Royal is a historical landmark situated in the 1st district of Paris, France. Its construction dates back to 1622 when it was originally intended as a residence for Cardinal Richelieu. For a short period, it also served as the official residence of the French royal family.

The website features a range of French government offices, such as the Council of State, the Constituent Assembly, and the Ministry of Culture. Additionally, a portion of the site is utilized as a performance space by the renowned French Theater.

 After Vietnam and Thailand, the exhibition now comes to France.

The Palais-Royal serves as a bridge connecting tradition and modernity, making it the ideal location for the exhibition titled “How are you these days?” curated by Quang Dai. This exhibition aims to initiate meaningful conversations and dialogue among individuals.

In this era of enlightenment, I have discovered a unique approach to merging the world of art with the intricacies of personal identity. Life’s journey often leads us astray, causing us to lose sight of our authentic selves. Together, we will navigate through realms where my artwork intersects with your own energy. Through this collaboration, we will breathe new life into this exhibition, reigniting the delight of experiencing, connecting, and engaging with works of art.

Quang Dai, a renowned artist, has successfully organized his non-profit art exhibition called “How are you these days?” in Vietnam and Thailand. This exhibition has been held 13 times each year, showcasing his incredible talent and creativity. Notably, Quang Dai has gained recognition as the first Vietnamese artist to have a solo exhibition at MOCA Bangkok, the prestigious Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok. Furthermore, his remarkable achievements have been recognized on Nowness Asia, a renowned global platform promoting and showcasing captivating projects related to Asian culture and art.

Quang Dai believes that a connection between people can start with a simple question.

The exhibition garnered an impressive attendance of nearly 60,000 visitors and sparked over 112 million reactions across various online platforms.

In August of this year, Quang Dai further established his presence in the international art scene by being selected as one of the 23 artists from various countries to showcase his work at the prestigious “Figures 2023” exhibition hosted by the CICA Museum in South Korea.