Vietnamese Hues Featured in Artwork of Overseas Vietnamese Artist

The bold and vibrant palette and lighting found in the artwork of Ly Tran, a Vietnamese-American painter, lends a mysterious air to the familiar subject matter.


The exhibition “Da Sac” or Iridescence by Ly Tran is currently being showcased at the exquisite exhibition hall located at No. 29 Hang Bai Street in the enchanting city of Hanoi. Visitors can now immerse themselves in Tran’s mesmerizing artwork, filled with vivid colors and captivating elements. This must-see exhibition promises to leave attendees in awe with its breathtaking display. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of “Da Sac” or Iridescence at the exhibition hall in Hanoi.

Artist Ly Tran in Hanoi. Photo: Hanoi Grapevine

The exhibition, which runs through June 21, 2023, showcases over 70 stunning paintings that celebrate cultural diversity. These works of art are crafted using a range of materials, including oil, lacquer, and mixed media, adding depth and texture to each piece.

This amount of work can be quite overwhelming for a single performer to tackle on their own.

Born in Vietnam in 1982, this talented painter, who studied industrial design in Moscow, has lived in the United States and recently returned to Vietnam to fully dedicate herself to her creative practice.

Ly Tran’s works of art are a reflection of the artist’s emotional connection to the world around her. Drawing inspiration from both tangible and intangible subjects, Tran explores a wide range of themes in her artwork. From the beauty of nature, represented by flowers, landscapes, and animals, to abstract concepts such as balance, life cycle, and love, Tran’s art captures the depth and complexity of human emotions. Each piece is imbued with a unique energy that invites viewers to explore their own emotional responses and connect with the artist’s vision. Through her art, Tran seeks to create a shared experience of humanity, where emotions and experiences are celebrated and understood.

“As a devoted admirer of graffiti art, my love for vibrant escapades with color is unmistakable. I constantly strive to merge elements of impressionism and expressionism, infusing each brushstroke with raw emotion. While I have an undeniable affinity for lacquer, my artistic prowess extends beyond this medium. In addition to my proficiency in oil and lacquer paintings, I have also dabbled in layered artworks, utilizing an array of mixed materials to bring my vision to life,” she expressed enthusiastically.

The artwork titled Kiss Me, Oil in Canvas by Ly Tran

The palettes and lighting in her works are boldly vibrant, evoking a sense of mystery within the familiar theme. Ly Tran ignites her soul through the use of vibrant colors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for the audience. She fearlessly experiments with a variety of materials, channeling her artistic emotions into each piece she creates.

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After a successful series of exhibitions in the USA, her long-awaited debut in her homeland is a truly emotional experience that manages to both convey and evoke powerful feelings.

Ly Tran titled her exhibition in Hanoi “Iridescence” to reflect her unique personality and background. Born in Hanoi, raised in Moscow, and now residing in the United States of America, Tran’s diverse experiences have influenced her art. The word “iridescence” captures the vibrant and ever-changing nature of her artwork, just as her life has been shaped by different cultures and experiences.

“Iridescence” is an eclectic collection of artwork that incorporates various painting themes and materials. It serves as a reflection of the artist’s inner self. The exhibition is a heartfelt tribute to the artist’s homeland, which she had been disconnected from for a significant period of time.

Below are some examples of the artist’s typical works:

“The boat and the ocean”/ Oil on canvas
 “Electric Pole” / Oil on canvas
 “The Timeline”/ Oil on canvas
 The Lotus/ Oil on canvas
 “The Sea” / Oil on canvas
 “No Name”/ Oil on canvas