“Vietnamese Designers Win with Scrap Fabric Costume”

The grand finale of Vietnam Design Week 2023 concluded with a bang on September 29 at the Temple of Literature with participants dressed in one-of-a-kind fabric scrap costumes. Hundreds of people witnessed the closing of the Designed by Vietnam competition.


The fourth iteration of Vietnam Design Week 2023 concluded on September 29th at the Temple of Literature. During the event, the costume design Ratla Xuan by Nguyen Khai Tam won the first prize in the Designed by Vietnam competition.

Ratla Xuan, designed by Nguyen Khai Tam, wins the Designed by Vietnam contest.

Nguyen Khai Tam crafted the winning costume by utilizing available materials and repurposing discarded fabrics. The costume showcases hand-stitched and woven patterns, celebrating the creativity of craftsmanship while promoting sustainability.

Nguyen Khai Tam, the designer, stated: “As a proponent of sustainable fashion, I am passionate about the reuse of fashion waste. Inspired by this year’s theme, ‘Design from limitations,’ at Vietnam Design Week, I aim to contribute to the sustainable fashion movement and inspire young designers in Vietnam to embrace it and make their mark in the realm of Vietnamese and international sustainable fashion.”

The second prize was awarded to Nguyen Hung Cuong and Nguyen Hong Phuc for their creation, the Soli Decorative Lamp. The lamp, made from eggshells, showcases its affordability and environmental friendliness.

Soli decorative lamp by Nguyen Hung Cuong and Nguyen Hong Phuc.

The third prize was awarded to Dao Manh Khang for his communication campaign, “One More Seat.” Through this campaign, Khang seeks inspiration from familiar objects to discover innovative materials from old covers.

The three consolation prizes were given to Ngo Dang Minh’s Viesta, Do Ha Trang’s Riverside Mesh, and Nguyen Huy Hoang, Tran Trong Hung, Phan Anh Khoi, and Tran Thi Hong Loan’s Go to the Toilet in Hanoi.

The theme of “Designing a Public Toilet by Hoan Kiem Lake” resulted in three winning projects: “Go to the Toilet in Hanoi,” “V-Model Toilet Module” by Nguyen Quynh Nghi and Le Tan Dat, and “Sword Lake Public Toilet” by Nguyen Bich Phuong.

Designer Nguyen Khai Tam wins the first prize.

During the closing ceremony, Tran Hoang, Director of the Department of Copyright (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism), praised Vietnam Design Week for its exciting, attractive, useful, and engaging programs. He commended the organizing committee for selecting excellent works to be honored and awarded.

Tran Hoang expressed the importance of Vietnam Design Week 2023 as a catalyst for the cultural industry’s development, particularly in the design and creativity of the younger generation. He hopes that it continues to grow into a strong brand, attracting more participants and contributing to the cultural sector’s advancement in Vietnam.

Vietnam Design Week (September 26-29) is the leading annual design event in Vietnam. Organized by Vietnam Design Group, Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts (VICAS), the Department of Copyright, and the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, the event aims to discover and honor outstanding Vietnamese products and designers. The program features various activities, including the Designed by Vietnam contest, exhibitions, seminars, and workshops.