Vietnam Earns Recognition at Asian Architecture Design Awards

At the Asian Architecture Design Awards in Singapore, Vietnam showcased some of its most impressive architectural achievements by receiving recognition for outstanding works.


The prestigious Asian Architecture Design Awards 2023 (AADA 2023), recently concluded in Singapore, recognized numerous outstanding architectural projects that showcase Vietnam’s commitment to creating environmentally-friendly and sustainable urban spaces. The event celebrated the innovative design and construction approaches that contribute to a greener future.

Vietnam has witnessed numerous successful endeavors, which seamlessly blend modern architectural design with indigenous elements. These remarkable projects span across residential buildings, resorts, restaurants, and offices. Notably, these projects emphasize the harmonious coexistence between nature and human living spaces.

 Winners at the awarding ceremony. Photo: The Hanoi Times

Several prestigious establishments including The Grand Maria Saigon – The Lake Tower (I.F.O SRL), Xuan Thao Residential Area, CBRE Hanoi Office (Vacons), SHB Best Workplace, NGO House (D.O.G house), Mai Chau Culture Resort, and Grand Tourane Nha Trang (Sunjin Vietnam) have been recognized and awarded by the jury.

Alberto Beretta, CEO of I.F.O SRL and head of the jury of the Asian Architecture Design Awards 2023, recognizes the remarkable qualities of Asian architecture, including that of Vietnam. Asian architecture has long been admired for its distinctive beauty, rich diversity, and skillful fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.

“The projects and works submitted for the award showcase the remarkable ascent of Asian architecture, encompassing a wide range of innovative ideas across various domains, including commercial and residential structures,” he asserted.

At the awards ceremony, esteemed industry experts engaged in thoughtful discussions surrounding the following key topics: the Future of the Interior Design Industry, Designing for Livable Cities, Connecting People through Interior Design, and the interplay of Hotels, Architecture, and Culture.

 The Ngo (Alley) House (D.O.G House) in Hanoi is one of the winners of the Asia Architecture Design Awards (AADA).

The submissions have showcased diverse perspectives, extensive expertise, and a forward-looking vision for the architectural design industry in Asia from a fresh, emerging, yet equally insightful viewpoint.

The award has facilitated the establishment of a robust network connecting architectural communities in Asia, allowing architects and experts from 12 regional countries to collaborate, exchange knowledge, and share valuable experiences.

Dang The My, CEO and founder of Vacons and a partner of the Asia Awards Organization, expressed optimism about Vietnam’s architecture industry, stating that numerous projects from Vietnam have received awards and high accolades. This progress is expected to propel the industry forward and potentially usher in a new era.

In an interview with The Hanoi Times on August 17, a spokesperson for the award organizers emphasized that this event is highly esteemed in the field of architecture in Asia. Its purpose is to acknowledge and celebrate exceptional works of architects and remarkable structures across the region.

Since its inception over eight months ago, the award has garnered a tremendous amount of attention, with over 1,100 accounts successfully registered on the official website. Additionally, there have been over 436 projects that have been submitted and an impressive 100 projects have advanced to the final round. The esteemed jury members put in extensive effort to carefully select the 50 winners who will receive the prestigious awards.

Following the awards ceremony, the Asia Awards Organization commence the new season with an official launch centered around the theme of “Emerging Asia”.

The 2024 Asian Architecture Design Awards features a comprehensive selection of 30 categories spanning six main areas of expertise: Architectural Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Architectural Design Firms, Interior Design Firms, and Furniture Manufacturing and Retail Firms.

The Award is currently open for entries until January 31, 2024. The highly anticipated award ceremony is scheduled to take place in Bangkok, Thailand.