Unique Mooncakes Keep Obesity Away

The Mid-Autumn Festival brings a touch of joy and positivity to the air, as unique mooncakes crafted by talented bakers demonstrate their creativity and ingenuity.


During this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, customers were delighted to discover a wide range of unique mooncake designs that brought joy and optimism to the occasion.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is widely celebrated among the Vietnamese people. This traditional event takes place on the 15th day of the eighth Lunar month, which falls on September 29 this year. During this festival, participants come together to appreciate the enchanting moonlight and savor the delicious mooncakes.

Since early August, numerous households have been enthusiastically gathering ingredients to craft their own mooncakes, fostering a strong sense of unity and revering long-standing traditions.

Yarn moon cakes.

Nguyen Thu Thao, a 31-year-old resident of Hanoi, recently impressed her followers with her homemade mooncakes that she shared on social media. The unique aspect of these mooncakes is that they do not require baking in an oven and are completely oil-free, allowing diners to indulge without worrying about weight gain.

Upon initial observation, these mooncakes exhibit the classic golden-brown crust, complemented by the striking purple of taro and the vibrant green of matcha. However, upon closer examination, viewers will be astounded to discover that these mooncakes have been intricately crafted using knitted yarn.

Nguyen Thu Thao proposed the concept of creating a unique mooncake that embodies tradition and a sense of family for the upcoming Mid-Autumn season.

“Thao, while contemplating, had a brilliant inspiration: crafting mooncakes from wool. Realizing that no one had ever ventured into this unique art form, Thao, with her impeccable crocheting skills, embarked on the journey of creating her very first batch of these extraordinary cakes,” she disclosed.

Thao conducted a thorough study of mooncakes, drawing inspiration from various designs offered by different brands. She then curated her own distinctive design, meticulously crafting the cake pan and surface pattern. To achieve accurate and visually striking patterns, Thao dedicated almost two months to creating a set of four mooncakes.

Thao is currently experimenting with creating unique cakes, including lotus flower-shaped moon cakes, specifically for the Full Moon Festival. In addition, she crafts red and wool star lanterns.

A feast for the Mid-Autumn Festival made by Nguyen Thu Thao who lives in Hanoi.

Coin-sized Mooncakes

The mooncakes shaped like animals, with bean eyes, have left a lasting impression on countless individuals. This unique childhood treat, featuring pig, rabbit, or cat shapes, has etched itself into the fond memories of many.

Nguyen Nhu Quynh, a resident of Hanoi and custodian of this cultural tradition, has crafted her own exquisite fish and pig mooncakes. She recently took to social media to showcase these delightful creations. The golden-brown pigs are particularly noteworthy as they are showcased alongside a coin, highlighting their charmingly small size in comparison to regular mooncakes.

“My mooncakes can withstand the test of time,” Quynh confidently stated. She emphasized that these cakes possess the unique advantage of long-term preservation, however, their main drawback lies in their inedibility.

 Coin-sized clay mooncakes.

Our cakes are truly remarkable creations, crafted with utmost care and precision. Each cake is meticulously shaped and adorned with exquisite detail, using a specialized clay. This clay is not only used for aesthetics, but also serves the purpose of assisting diners in understanding and appreciating their chosen desserts. By providing visual illustrations of the ingredients and presentation, we aim to eliminate any confusion that may arise from the elaborate names on our menu. Our goal is to enhance your dining experience and ensure that every bite is a delight for both the palate and the eyes.

Although Nhu Quynh’s business is not related to cooking, she has been passionately pursuing her hobby of clay modeling for many years. She believes that each dish possesses its own distinct characteristics, demanding a specific technique to enhance the diners’ ability to truly savor the flavors.

At the onset, she sought guidance from YouTube tutorials and sourced ingredients internationally.

“To enhance my expertise, I utilize real food images as references while studying on YouTube. Achieving utmost precision in portraying the product’s authenticity demands meticulous techniques in clay food modeling,” Quynh elaborated.

A Passion for Clay Creation

For several years, Nhu Quynh has dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to her artistry in clay creation. Despite her responsibilities as a mother and businesswoman, she has managed to carve out time in her schedule to pursue her passion.

Throughout the years, Nhu Quynh has mastered the craft of clay sculpting, resulting in an impressive collection of nearly 1,000 meticulously crafted miniature objects. Her creations span a variety of themes, including lifelike fruits, delectable food, enchanting fairies, mesmerizing mermaids, and charming dolls.

Each of Nhu Quynh’s creations is a testament to her creativity and dedication. Through countless hours of work, she has managed to turn clay into beautiful works of art that bring joy and wonder to those who see them.

 Coin-sized mooncakes are made from clay.

Despite the lengthy process, she successfully completed the task using only a table lamp. Fortunately, the lamp provided enough direct light for her to work. She mentioned that a typical product usually takes an average of 4-5 hours to complete, but more intricate projects can take several days.

Quynh expressed her deep fondness for food in general, but she holds a special place in her heart for Vietnamese cuisine. She hopes that through this innovative art form, people will develop a greater understanding and appreciation for our culinary heritage.