Each large cavern has many small caves with different nuances and mysterious shapes, creating a unique complex with thousands of large and small stalactites, formed thousands of years ago.

Visitors admire the nooks and crannies in Bottomless Cavern.

The beautiful stalactites hanging down.

Many tourists are amazed by the beauty of the stalactites.

Stalagmites grow from the bottom and stalactites hang from the top, in Bottomless Cavern.

An altar in Bottomless Cave.

Stalactites hang from the top of a small cave in Khong Day Cavern.

Panorama of the entrance to Hoa Son Cavern.

The altar in Hoa Son Cavern.

Visitors to the cave

A space like a skylight in the cavern.

The stalactites with mysterious shapes in Hoa Son Cavern.