Two sets of stamps under the theme “Safely coexist with COVID-19” were issued on April 29 by the Ministries of Information and Communications and Vietnam Post, to promote awareness and responsibility of individual about the importance and necessity of prevention, combat and preparedness to cope with the pandemic.

 Stamp collectors come to buy the newly-issued stamp set. Photos:

The stamp with the size of 32x43mm was designed by painter To Minh Trang (from Vietnam Post).

The first set bears the 5K Message (in Vietnamese) of the Ministry of Health: Khau trang (Facemask)- Khu khuan (Disinfection) – Khoang cach (Distance) – Khong tu tap (No gathering) – Khai bao y te (Health declaration).

The other set shows the belief in the COVID-19 vaccine that will  stamp out  the pandemic.

The price of 5K set is VND4,000 (US$0.17) + VND2,000 (US$0.087) (surcharge) while the Covid-19 vaccine costs VND6,000 (US$0.26).

 Two new stamps with eye-catching colors, simple and easy-to-understand content. 

The surcharge of VND2,000, on behalf of users of postal services, will be donated to the Government’s disease prevention and control fund for purchasing medical equipment and essentials needed to fight the pandemic.

The stamps sets are available at 63 post offices nationwilde and in 192 countries and territories members of the World Postal Union.

In addition to issuing stamps “Safely coexist with COVID-19”, Vietnam Post also offers products depicting the same subject such as FDC envelopes, postcards, personal stamps for both domestic and international stamps collectors.