100 young men representing the 100 children of the Hung Kings’ father Lac Long Quan and mother Au Co.

Young ladies in red Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional dress) holding incense, flowers and offerings.

Offerings of incense, flowers, chung (square) and day (round) cakes associated with the the legend of Prince Lang Lieu and the conception “round sky and square land”.

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Party and State officials, and leaders of Phu Tho province offered incense and flowers in tribute to the Hung Kings, as well as for the nation’s peace and prosperity.

Lines of people head to the Hung Kings’ Temple in order to pay their respect and gratitude to the ancestors of the Vietnamese people.

The historical relic site of the Hung Kings’ Temple is expecting to welcome tens of thousands of people. During the previous holidays (Saturday, Sunday), the Hung Kings’ Temple welcomed about 20,000-30,000 people per day, much more than in 2020 when the whole country implemented social distancing.

Police forces were mobilised to the site in order to regulate traffic and maintain security and safety.

Youth Union members support the police forces to ensure security.