While everyone was asleep, at the polling stations, functional forces were on a mission to ensure security for these places.

At the polling stations on the main road, the security force arranges people to look after the list of candidates.

“This is the first time I can vote as well as participate in the civil defence team at polling station No.1, Hang Gai ward, Hoan Kiem district, I feel very honoured to be able to contribute to this great festival of the country", said Tran Quang Loi, a member of the security team of Hang Gai ward.

Functional forces ensure the safety of polling stations.

This is a very special polling place in Hanoi. Security work is focused.

At polling station No.8, Trung Hoa ward, there is always a standing force.

Ballot boxes will be secure at all times until the end of the election.

Police force 113 continuously patrol to ensure security and order throughout the streets of Hanoi. Hanoi is ready for “the Nation’s Great Festival”.