Exhibition of Southern-Style Watercolors at Historic Site in Hanoi

Visitors to the Temple of Literature now have the opportunity to gain insight into the vibrant culture and everyday life of the inhabitants of the southern region of Vietnam.


More than 105 watercolors by 19 artists from Ho Chi Minh City are being showcased for the first time at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi, according to Dr. Le Xuan Kieu – Director of the Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities, Temple of Literature.

The exhibit features works of art from a variety of talented Vietnamese artists, ranging from traditional to abstract watercolors. Visitors to the Temple of Literature will have the opportunity to view a unique collection of Vietnamese art that was previously unseen in the capital city.

In a statement, Dr. Kieu said: “This is a great opportunity for us to share the beauty of Vietnamese watercolor artwork with the public. It is our hope that this event will inspire more people to appreciate and support Vietnamese culture.”

The exhibit will be open to the public until the end of April and is free of charge. Visitors are encouraged to come and appreciate the beauty of Vietnamese watercolor art.

The exhibition is an effort to bring together the work of southern painters and the people of Hanoi. Visitors to the capital will be able to view images of southern people and landscapes, and experience a unique combination of the ancient heritage of Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam with modern creative activities. The relics will be transformed into a creative space, offering a truly unique experience for visitors.

The painting titled “The Old Lady” by painter Dao Van Hoang

Painter Nguyen Trung Tin, Vice President of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association in charge of the southern region, recently declared that there are few artists from the southern part of Vietnam who have had the opportunity to open an exhibition in Hanoi. He noted that this is a significant issue for the Fine Arts Association and one that needs to be addressed.

As a ‘glimpse of culture’, the exhibition aims to showcase the captivating scenery, extraordinary people, and modern lifestyle of the southern region of the country to art lovers in the capital. Additionally, the organizers are also looking to introduce a ‘forgotten’ painting medium: watercolor.

The vivid watercolors of the artists captivate viewers with their vivid depictions of everyday activities, culture, heritage, and natural scenery. The brushstrokes of the painters also demonstrate their profound love for their homeland.

Among them are The Water Descends, Late Day by renowned artist Ho Hung; Saigon in Sunshine, Saigon at Night by esteemed artist Doan Quoc; Kon Tum Wooden Church, Emerald Color at the Foot of the Pier by accomplished artist Hong Quan; and The Wharf of Nghe Canal, Afternoon in Nhon Trach, Thanh Da Canal by masterful artist Do Hieu.

Through the exhibition, 19 artists bring the Hanoi public vibrant and unique views of the southern region through various painting techniques and perspectives.

The young artist, Doan Quoc, born in 1996, has been creating stunning works of art with watercolors for a long time. At this exhibition, the artist showcases three large paintings that depict the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh. It is sure to captivate the audience’s attention with its vivid colors and intricate details!

“My works showcase the beauty of sunrise and sunset scenes, as well as everyday life in Ho Chi Minh City. The viewer is able to sense the ever-changing atmosphere of this vibrant, youthful and dynamic city in Vietnam,” he said.

According to artist Ho Hung, “The pieces in the exhibition represent only a small portion of the watercolor painting process. By focusing on a Southern theme, we aim to express our deep affection for the people of Hanoi and the nation as a whole.”

Painter Ho Hung has announced that the capital will be treated to an array of engaging activities in the near future, introducing watercolor paintings to the public. With these events, the renowned artist hopes to bring the beauty of watercolor art to the forefront.

The exhibition will last until May 24.

 The Blue Space of the Sea/ Hoang Quan
 Kontum Wooden Church/ Hong Quan 
Saigon By Night/ Doan Quoc
 Sunshine On The Porch/ Doan Quoc
 Saigon Sunshine/ Doan Quoc