Music is a bridge for connecting hearts and expressing emotions that cannot be uttered by words. For the visually impaired, music is even more meaningful, helping them to demonstrate their passion, and get more confidence and courage.

For more than 15 years, members of the Hope Choir gather every Saturday afternoon in a small room behind a school campus on Lac Trung Street to practise music with their master Ton That Triem, a pianist.

To take part in a programme, members of the Hope Choir face a great deal of difficulty, especially in travel, as many are living far away from Hanoi.

They cannot see with their eyes and have to use their fingers to know the notes, but the sounds of music are still very beautiful.

Under the lead of Professor Ton That Triem, the Hope Choir had the opportunity to perform at many events such as during the National Day celebrations at the embassies of the US, France, Iran, Italy, Brunei, Luxembourg, Kuwait, Australia, Algeria and Switzerland.

Leaving their hardships behind, the people who have never seen sunrise seem to have found the light of their lives when standing on the stage and demonstrating their artistic talent.

Only when attending a performance of the Hope Choir can one understand their extraordinary efforts and fortitude.

The Hope Choir is where music talents can integrate into the community and alleviate the hardships of their daily lives.

Besides Vietnamese music, the Hope Choir also performs musical works from countries such as Russia, Germany and France. They always try their best to convey their love for music to the audience, in all genres.

The Hope Choir during a performance at the Cua Bac Church.

The skilful hands of Professor Ton That Triem are the firm support of the Hope Choir. He teaches music, culture and foreign language, and is a father who offers positive encouragement to the choir members.

Through the Hope Choir, Professor Ton That Triem wishes to send a message that despite having disabilities, one can always contribute to society like any normal person.