Folk Music Artists Promote Cultural Endeavors in the Nation’s Capital

Famous artists have been fervently studying folk songs in preparation for upcoming performances in the city in order to inspire university students to appreciate traditional culture.


A number of vocalists and speakers from Hanoi have successfully completed a traditional singing course at the Military University of Culture and Arts, with the aim of preserving traditional culture and enhancing cultural activities in the capital city.

A number of singers and lecturers in Hanoi have completed a traditional singing training course at the Military University of Culture and Arts in an effort to promote traditional culture and enrich cultural activities in the capital.

The 10-day course, led by People’s Artist Thanh Ngoan, was attended by renowned singers and lecturers from the university, including To Hoa, Luong Nguyet Anh, Meritorious Artist Huong Giang, and Meritorious Artist Hong Hanh.

They learned about the popular music of Hanoi, such as xam (the music of blind buskers), ca tru (ceremonial music), hat van (spiritual music), and cheo (traditional operetta).

 Singers perform cheo at the closing ceremony of the course. Photos: the Military University of Culture and Arts

“The folk song training at the Military University of Culture and Arts helps the professors to gain a greater understanding of folk music and improve their abilities in performing Vietnamese folk music. People’s Artist Thanh Ngoan believes that through this training, the professors will be able to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for traditional singing to their students.”

The trainees have achieved a high level of proficiency in composing their own original musical works, as well as in performing traditional folk songs with professionalism and enthusiasm. They have mastered the fundamental musical techniques needed to create and perform music of the highest quality. Their dedication and hard work have resulted in a mastery of the music that is both impressive and inspiring.

The course is an invaluable asset for teachers, allowing them to craftily blend traditional songs with modern musical genres while preserving the unique characteristics of each. This can assist in promoting the city’s cultural activities and diversify Vietnamese traditional arts.

 People’s Artist Thanh Ngoan, Director of Vietnam Cheo Theater speaks at the closing ceremony of the training course. 

By exchanging their experiences, they can introduce traditional music from different regions to the national music industry, thus helping to further promote and spread traditional music.

Colonel Vu Ho Tung, Vice President of the Military University of Culture and Arts, has declared that the training course has enabled renowned lecturers and vocalists, who had been educated in Russia, China, and other countries, to deliver folk songs emotionally.

As each type of traditional music has its own cultural space, ways of performance, and dance accompaniments, the course enables learners to discover their potential in folk singing and make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of Vietnam’s traditional arts and folklore, he noted.