Vu Thang Loi, a 37-year-old singer, will be holding a live concert and releasing a vinyl record titled “Ha Noi rieng toi” (My Hanoi) on December 3 at the Friendship Cultural Palace in Hanoi.

The graphic design of “Ha Noi rieng toi” vinyl record. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The album will feature songs such as “Ha Noi va toi” (Hanoi and I), “Ha Noi ngay ay” (Hanoi then), and “Noi ngay tro ve” (Hanoi now).

According to Loi, he had always dreamt of creating an album dedicated to Hanoi, and now he is finally ready to present it to the public through this vinyl record.

He expressed that the timing is perfect as he and musician Hong Kien have known each other for a long time and both share a desire to contribute something meaningful to the capital city through music.

“The selected songs evoke the most emotions and inspiration within me. Unlike a live performance, when recording in the studio, I have to give it my all to express my love for Hanoi,” Loi stated.

He added, “I believe the audience will want to listen to these songs repeatedly, in various situations and moods.”

Loi revealed that he had been working on this album for two years, which had its fair share of challenges such as coordinating with a producer based in the US.

“The complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic also slowed down the process. That’s when I sought help from a Japanese producer to meet our deadlines,” he shared.

Musician Hong Kien chimed in, saying, “The international music community, from the US to Japan, has been the first audience to these songs, proving their universal appeal. We believe that the ‘Ha Noi rieng toi’ album is like a cultural book of Hanoi that deserves the attention of the public.”

According to Kien, Loi had a tough time selecting the songs for the album as they were all exceptional.

“Loi wanted to perform these Hanoi-inspired songs in a live concert format, so that the audience could fully experience them,” Kien explained.

Vu Thang Loi, born in 1985, is an artist who graduated from the Military University of Culture and Arts and the Vietnam National Academy of Music. He has won various singing contests and accolades throughout his career.

Prior to “Ha Noi rieng toi,” Loi has released several other albums and performed live shows.