A group of artists led by collector Thuy Anh from Hanoi organized an art talk titled “Beauty Vol.1: Ve Dep Hong Tam” (Beauty of Kindness) to promote art and its importance in charitable endeavors. The talk featured notable contemporary painters, artists, and critics from Vietnam and abroad, all of whom have actively contributed to charitable activities and promoted the noble value of fine arts in society.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, collector Thuy Anh launched a collection of 128 paintings inspired by the fight against the pandemic. They also organized exhibitions such as the Red Spring Exhibition in 2021 and the Hong Duyen (Faith) Exhibition in 2022, among other community activities.

Thuy Anh expressed her wish to spread a beautiful spirit, beautiful artworks, and beautiful actions in society through the Kindness Art Talk.

The first event of the project brought together painters who made significant contributions to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Several artists, book writers, politicians, diplomats, and art curators also participated in the program.

Painter Dao Hai Phong praised Thuy Anh’s art talk series as a humane and meaningful initiative that fosters connections between people and life, especially in difficult times.

The artists agreed that the debate set a good precedent, facilitating better understanding and cooperation between collectors, intellectuals, and artists. It served as an important source of excitement and motivation for true artistic creation.

Thuy Anh and the artists aim to continue promoting the value of art both domestically and internationally through a beautiful and humane approach. Following the success of Beauty Vol.1, Thuy Anh plans to organize the next event under the theme “Blooming Flowers”, symbolizing the brilliant development of domestic and international art, as well as abundance, devotion, and prosperity.