Three ‘loc vung’ (Barringtonia acutangula) trees in the area around Hang Dau tower are shedding their leaves.

Young people admire and take photos with the yellow and red leaves of ‘loc vung’ trees.

People stopping at traffic lights are also attracted by the beautiful scenery of Hanoi during the leaf changing season.

On the street corners and alleys of Hanoi, the foliage is full of green, yellow and red colours.

Yellow and red leaves cover a corner of a lake at Ngoc Ha Lane.

The trees with yellow and red leaves cast their shadow on the lake’s surface, making the small lane more poetic.

A corner of Dong Xuan Market is more beautiful thanks to the (Terminalia catappa) trees changing into a new set of bright red clothes.

The beauty of Dinh Tien Hoang Street around Hoan Kiem Lake during the leaf changing season.

The beauty of Hanoi’s Old Quarter during the leaf changing season

It is very interesting to sit for a coffee in Hanoi’s old quarter under the wonderfully beautiful foliage.

Many people liken the street along To Lich River, which is full of yellow leaves during these days, as beautiful as the autumn in the Republic of Korea.

The leaves of the trees in the Vietnam National Academy of Music changing to yellow and red.

Hanoi’s streets are more brilliant in the leaf changing season.

The image of Cat Linh-Ha Dong urban trains running through the trees with yellow and red leaves.

With just a breeze, Hanoians can easily feel the beauty of the city during the leaf falling season.

Walking leisurely on the sidewalk of Phan Dinh Phung Street, which is known as “the most romantic street in Hanoi”, to admire the carpets of yellow leaves, visitors can feel how gentle and dreamy Hanoi is.

Many people bring baskets of yellow leaves to their homes.

Children are eager to play with the carpet of fallen leaves on Phan Dinh Phung Street.

Jogging and exercising on a street filled with yellow and red leaves is a good experience.