Starting at 19 o’clock, the authorities set up barriers at intersections to prevent vehicles from entering the pedestrian zone.

Some restaurants in the pedestrian street area link with online food ordering applications; when there is an order, they have to bring the item out to the driver.

Functional forces are divided into many posts to maintain control of people in the pedestrian street area.

Although the epidemic has been controlled, there are still many posters dispalayed on the pedestrian street to remind people to wear masks. In addition, at the entry / exit points, there are loudspeakers to communicate to people to strictly comply with anti-epidemic measures according to the message "5K" of the Ministry of Health.

Functional forces continuously check and remind people to wear masks to ensure the safety of themselves and the society.

Street artists have also started to work again, however, the number of viewers is only around one fifth of that in the time before the closure.

Due to being newly reopened, shops and restaurants at pedestrian street are still empty.

Pham Minh Hoang, police of Hang Trong ward, said: “In general, people obey the wearing of masks well, but there are still some subjective cases that do not comply with the regulations. In these cases, we promptly remind them in order to create a sense of peace of mind for people to roam on the pedestrian street and ensure safety for the whole society.”.

Walking space in Hoan Kiem Lake area and surrounding area will operate from 19:00 Friday until the end of Sunday. Other spaces, including Hang Dao Street – Hang Giay – Dong Xuan Night Market; six extended pedestrian streets in the Hanoi Old Quarter; and the extended pedestrian streets connecting the Southern of the Hanoi Old Quarter with Hoan Kiem Lake area, will remain open on weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).