An exhibition entitled “The Ancient Imprint of the Civilization,” features 19 paintings by eight Hanoian artists, was opened at the Temple of Literature on December 25.

The space of the “The Ancient Imprint of the Civilization”. Photo: To Quoc 

According to the organizers, the exhibition conveys the passion for the national cultural heritage in general and the Temple of Literature in particular of young artists, who are always dedicated to preserving and promoting the values of Vietnamese heritages.

The experiential artworks are presented in various painting techniques and materials, including ink and smoke on paper, woodcarving, screen printing, and bronze casting, among others.

The exhibition’s highlights are the works called “Ancient Book 1” and “Ancient Book 2” by painter Vu Xuan Dong on bronze and lacquer, depicting the beautiful landscapes of the Temple of Literature as well as the daily life of Hanoians of yesteryear.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Duc Hung drew his paintings with ink and smoke on traditional do paper, creating impressive aesthetic effects and evoking funky imagination among viewers.

The painting called “Shadow of Water” by Pham Hung Anh shows a gorgeous image of Khue Van Cac or the Literature Pavilion inside the Temple of Literature.

The painting titled “Nhat Nguyet Linh Ung” or “The Wonder of The Sun and Moon” on ink and smoke on traditional do paper by painter Nguyen Duc Hung.

Meanwhile, sculptor Nguyen Truong Giang’s iron artwork, “Lonely Walker”, depicts a strong but equally soft and lively human image.

Using acrylic and gold printed on canvas, author Nguyen Tuan Dung creates the image of the Literature pavilion and the Temple of Literature gate, helping viewers to explore the hidden beauty of the heritage.

Each of these artworks is unique and beautiful, leaving a great impression on viewers.

According to Tran Thi Van Anh, Deputy Director of Hanoi’s Department of Culture and Sports, Hanoi is the place where “the value of a thousand years of national culture gathered and developed,” of which the Temple of Literature, Vietnam’s first university, is a typical example. The cultural and historical value of the monument becomes a source of inspiration for young artists who wish to create works that contain both the breath of contemporary life and traditional traces.

The exhibition will run until February 5, 2023.