Nhat Tan peach blossoms have appeared on every street and home not only in Hanoi but also around the country.

Coming to the largest traditional peach blossom village during the last days of the lunar year, people will be overwhelmed by the brilliant reds of thousands of peach trees.

Local peach growers taking care of flowers for Tet.

The beautiful blossoms during these days

Villagers rushing to harvest peach blossoms to serve the market for Tet Festival

Peach blossoms blooming brilliantly

The price of peach blossoms this year has dropped slightly from previous years.

Many photographers capture the beautiful moments in the peach village.

On warm and sunny days, many visitors take photos in the peach blossom gardens.

Many farmers have intercropped violets in their peach blossom gardens.

This year’s peach blossoms are even more beautiful than last year’s.

Growing peach blossoms has brought stable incomes to farmers in Nhat Tan Village.