New Year celebration of H’mong ethnic group in Hanoi

NDO – A festival featuring the traditional New Year celebration of the H’Mong ethnic group was held at the Hanoi University of Culture on January 5. The annual cultural event of the Hmong community living and studying in Hanoi is considered as an opportunity for the community to celebrate the New Year traditionally together as well as promote the cultural characteristics to Hanoi’s public.


During the festival, the H’Mong females wore colorful costumes with accessories such as hats and silver jewelry.

The H’Mong people are one of the ethnic groups with traditional values that have been preserved going back a very long time. The H’Mong New Year takes place one month before the Lunar New Year, which is also the time when farmers will harvest their crops. On Tet holiday, people renovate houses, clean altars, and wear beautiful dresses to celebrate spring.

H’Mong girls from Dien Bien province are graceful while they performance for the show.

In addition to introducing traditional culture, this is also an opportunity for young H’Mong people to exchange and learn about the customs and practices of their people in many localities across the country.

Coming to the program, participants will experience H’Mong’s culture through brocade booths, costumes, and ethnic musical instruments.

A young person learning about brocade clothes of H’Mong women.

The adorable features of a H’Mong child

A space for visitors to convey their messages on the occasion of the new year at this year’s event.

New year wishes and goals are put in the programme.