The villagers produce embroidered flags, especially national flags, for the whole country. The flags are made through many complicated stages by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

First, they must design and cut the letters, then they frame and paint the flags.

After that, the embroiderers will start the embroidery process by hands. Each stage is conducted very carefully to ensure the quality of the products.

It takes 1-2 days for the villagers to embroider a finished flag. Nhung’s facility must operate at full capacity on the occasion of National Holiday.

In addition to making flags, villagers are also farmers. “Embroidery requires meticulousness and patience, but the income is not very high. If we do not love the craft, we cannot do it”, said one embroiderer.

The national flags are made in complicated and difficult stages.

Tu Van Village’s flags reach consumers not only by traditional channels but also via internet.

Being aware of the importance of the national flag, the artisans always put their whole soul and heart into their needlework.