Makers Market – Arts and Crafts Fair has been attracting young people in Hanoi and foreign tourists to experience diverse creative products from all over the country these days.

 Foreign tourists attend the fair at the opening ceremony on August 19 in Hanoi

The fair is being held until August 21 at the Center for Art & Culture, 22 Hang Buom Street, Hanoi, with  60 booths of major brands in the creative field.

Under the framework of the Hanoi Rethink project, the fair is expected to be a space where young craft makers, designers, and printmakers from all over the country gather, introduce and promote their products in a cultural and artistic space. 

This is not only a great opportunity for the young community in Hanoi to access a wide range of creative products across the country but also a time for creative youth to get together to network for potential new creations and collaborations in the future.

As one of the participating units in the fair, the Phung An Handicraft Production Facility brings bamboo and rattan products and peach wine to the fair. Khuc Thi Dung, head of the Phung An Marketing Department, told The Hanoi Times: “We have a team of craftsmen and they will make customized things according to designs, or orders, whether at home or abroad.”

From the northern province of Hai Duong, a handmade teapot and cup production facility introduced small pots and pans with ancient enamel to visitors at the event. Meanwhile, artisan Dang Van Hau’s crafts factory from Phu Xuyen District on the outskirts of Hanoi displayed new fruits and animals made from rice flour.

 The stalls at the fair are crowded with visitors shopping at the opening ceremony on August 19.

Nguyen Thi Van, a resident from Dong Da District, Hanoi brought her children to the fair. She said: “Compared to tech toys, my children find fruits and animals made from rice flour cuter. They are delighted to be introduced to anything handmade.”

 Fruits and animals made from rice flour are displayed at a booth.

The fair is a marketing opportunity for many innovative brands.

Bui Thi Kim Ngan, owner of RenewJeans recycling facility, expected to tell domestic and international visitors about recycled and handmade items so that people can have a different perspective on recycled products.

“Many people think that recycled products from old materials are not durable. However, we’ve made products that are solid and look as beautiful as new, useful and with great value. Thanks to that, the craftsmen earn an income from making recyclables,” she told The Hanoi Times.

I also wanted to tell everyone that any manufacturing process pollutes the environment, whether it is new production or recycling. “I hope that people extend the useful life of their things by giving them away to those who need them.

 Craft products are displayed at the fair.

The Hanoi Rethink project is implemented by UNESCO Office in Vietnam, UN-Habitat Vietnam and UNIDO with the support of the SOVICO Group to help Hanoi realize its strategic vision of becoming a Creative City in the field of design. 

The project aims to mobilize cultural dynamics and the participation of Vietnamese youth – an essential element for innovation, creativity, and change.

 Local visitors are interested in craft products at the fair.