Located inside the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in K’Bang district, the waterfall, also known as the K50 waterfall, has been dubbed “the fairy of the forest”.

80km from the downtown of Pleiku city, the cascade marks the origins of the Con River.

The waterfall is around 54m high. It has a width of about 20-100 m depending on the season.

Getting to the Hang En Waterfall is a challenge as travellers have to negotiate a two-day journey on the dangerous jungle path.

Starting from An Lao district, Binh Dinh province, they have to do a three-hour trek across small, snaky roads and sleepy slopes. If they start their journey at K’Bang town in Gia Lai district, they need the assistance of a local ranger as it is otherwise difficult to navigate the jungle.

The best time to visit the Hang En waterfall is from January to June.

Before the journey, tourists should inform the rangers at Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in advance and check the weather to avoid unexpected rain so that they will not miss out on any part of this interesting adventure.