In response to the teacher’s affection, the students look forward to their class time at the headquarters of the Dong Da District’s Blind Association.

Each training session lasts only 2 hours, so teacher Hoa always tries to come to class to bring joy and motivation to everyone.

Despite having vision problems, the practitioners’ movements are not only correct but also flexible and beautiful. This proves that visually impaired people can do many things with effort and perseverance.

An Nhu, a student at the Vietnam National Academy of Music, shared: "The class gives me a lot of motivation, helping me to improve my body image." Music makes An Nhu feel happy.

Stepping on each other’s feet is a common occurrence in class. However, despite the pain, everyone laughs happily.

The slow waltz needs meticulousness, gentleness and affection.

The Wien Waltz is a dance that requires high technique and agility.

In order to perform the dance moves, students must feel with their ears, hands, and even imagination.\

In tune with the melody, sadness, guilt, and inferiority all disappear in the music.

Experienced students will guide their partner in learning. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are memorised and adjustments are made for each student.

Many students have achieved high performance. Teacher Hoa always wishes that Vietnam’s blind dancing will continue to go far.

The magical melodies that can bring confidence, joy and smiles are emitted from machines that are not so modern.

Joy in every step