Life Art Performance: Combining Cultural Identity and Heritage

Life on Con Dao Island is like a beautiful work of art, combining the vibrancy of the human spirit with the stunning beauty of nature.


Pure feelings have been evoked by the delicate interactions between man and nature, contemporary art, and cultural heritage displayed in the Life Art project on Con Dao Island. This project has highlighted the beauty of life and eternal nature, granting us a unique insight into the harmony between mankind and our environment.

 Highlight of the project is Zen Performance which takes place on May 4 and 6. Photo: Life project

Life project strives to empower individuals to connect and engage with nature in a meaningful way. Through various activities, such as snorkeling, trekking, and the Zen Performance, the project aims to bring appreciation and awareness of nature’s beauty and fragility. Participants are guided by certified experts and invited to embrace the purity and serenity of nature while learning to respect, protect, and cherish it. Ultimately, by connecting with nature in a positive and mindful way, individuals can be inspired and empowered to make a difference in their communities and the world.

The highlight of the project is the Zen Performance, which will take place on May 4th and 6th, bringing together hundreds of talented international and Vietnamese artists to create a truly unique and captivating multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experience.

Director Tuan Le praised the outstanding stage set up by the seaside as the most remarkable part of the performance.

The awe-inspiring Life, Fishing Village, Tightrope Walking dances were performed by gifted dancers atop bamboo poles, high above the sea’s surface, eliciting deep emotions from the audience. The music accompanying the performances further elevated the atmosphere, as the audience recognized the familiar tones of everyday life, the vibrant beat of the village drum, and the delicate ringing of the wind chime in the tranquil coastal area.

The organizers also held auctions to raise funds for the protection of the environment and the preservation of national art, culture and heritages. Photo: Life project

Among the world-renowned artists are Laurence Tremblay Vu, a multi-talented Canadian-Vietnamese tightrope walker who has wowed audiences around the world with his awe-inspiring performances, and percussionist Allen Wu, who has contributed to the Broadway production of The Lion King and recorded music for numerous hit films in Vietnam.

The organizers showcased a plethora of stunning paintings and a fascinating system of stone musical instruments, highlighting the symphony of nature. Through an artful performance program, the event celebrated the beauty of a simple life – one in which man and nature are intertwined and live in perfect harmony.

“We consider Life to be an incredibly important endeavor, and for the past 30 years, the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations has been dedicated to protecting, preserving, and promoting the wonderful cultural and artistic heritage values of our community,” said Tran Van Manh, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of the Vietnam Federation of UNESCO Associations.

 Beach of Six Senses Con Dao becomes a stage for artists. Photo: Life project

Manh said this project helps raise awareness of the vitality of nature and the environment. Through this, it fosters affection, admiration, and gratitude for the gifts nature has bestowed.

We believe that Life will have a great ripple effect, encouraging the entire society to cultivate a harmonious attitude towards nature and the environment, to take action to protect our planet, and to safeguard and preserve its invaluable and irreplaceable cultural-historical and natural values for the benefit of present and future generations.

The organizers held auctions to raise funds for environmental protection and preservation of national art, culture, and heritage. All proceeds—after deducting the cost of the items and related taxes—were transferred to Con Dao National Park and Con Dao District People’s Committee for the preservation and protection of Con Dao’s environment.

According to Nguyen Khac Pho, Director of Con Dao National Park, the area is renowned for its abundant and diverse biological potential, stunning natural landscapes, and pristine yet majestic beauty. This has garnered the attention of scientists, researchers, tourism organizations, travel agencies, and both domestic and international tourists alike. In 2018, Six Senses Con Dao began a collaboration with Con Dao National Park, and to date, they have released a total of 19,276 turtle hatchlings into the sea.