Joint Exhibition Showcasing the Work of Vietnamese and Polish Artists

Experience the harmonious combination of Vietnamese and Polish cultures at The Reunion of Colors 2 exhibition. This unique interactive space showcases vibrant works of art, highlighting the artistic language of both countries.


The Reunion of Colors 2 exhibition was inaugurated in Hanoi on October 7th. The event showcases a collection of remarkable watercolor paintings and sculptures that portray landscapes, people, and cultures. The artwork on display has been collaboratively created by Polish and Vietnamese artists.

The art exhibition has experienced substantial growth this year, featuring the works of 50 Polish artists and 58 Vietnamese artists. A total of 169 captivating pieces including paintings and sculptures are on display, offering viewers an opportunity to appreciate and delve into the unique cultural bond shared between Vietnam and Poland.

 The exhibition features 50 Polish and 58 Vietnamese artists. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The exhibition showcases a diverse collection of renowned Polish painters such as Stanislaw Zoladz, Michal Suffczynski, and Michal Jasiewicz, alongside talented Vietnamese watercolorists Dinh Duc and Pham Thom.

In addition to the watercolors on display, there is a remarkable wooden sculpture by artist Le Ngoc Thuan from the city of Hoi An. The sculpture represents the protection of the marine environment.

The exhibition offers a unique and vibrant collection of artworks showcasing the scenic landscapes of both countries. It serves as a gathering place for artists and the public alike, providing a valuable opportunity to engage, experience, and exchange art.

 Some artworks at the exhibition. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

The initiative to foster collaboration and artistic exchange between watercolor painters from Poland and Vietnam will serve as a valuable connection, bridging the gap between Asian and European cultures.

“I am thrilled to witness the increasing popularity of watercolor painting, which is garnering recognition and appreciation among art enthusiasts in Vietnam and Poland,” stated Nguyen Phuong, President of the esteemed Hanoi Watercolor Artists Club. Furthermore, he expressed his optimism that the upcoming exhibition will bring immense joy and inspiration to the numerous art lovers and enthusiasts residing in the capital.

The exhibition is a destination for artists and the public to experience and exchange about art.

The exhibition is being hosted by the Hanoi Watercolor Artists Club in celebration of its first anniversary. We are honored to have the esteemed support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Hanoi and the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

The inaugural exhibition of the Reunion of Colors in the previous year showcased the works of nearly 20 talented artists, featuring a remarkable collection of over 80 artworks.

The exhibition will be on display until October 13th at the Exhibition Hall located at 29 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

 The artworks depict the beauty of Vietnam and Poland. Photo: The Hanoi Times