An art exhibition “The Magical World of Czech Children’s Book Illustrators” showcasing 95 artworks is underway in Hanoi, jointly held by Kim Dong Publishing House and Czech Embassy.

 A corner of the exhibition. Photos: Tra My

The artworks by Czech illustrators featured at this exhibition are representatives of Czech children’s book illustrations in the past century. Many works have won the most prestigious awards at international children’s book fairs and exhibitions. They have been recognized worldwide for their boundless imagination, creativity, and ability to arouse positive emotions in children.

The Embassy of the Czech Republic hopes that through the exhibition, it will share the longstanding tradition of making picture books with Vietnamese people, especially with the youth.

In recent years, Kim Dong Publishing House has published about 20 books written by Czech authors.

According to  Vu Thi Quynh Lien, Deputy Director and Editor-in-Chief of Kim Dong Publishing House, the good reputation of children’s books in the Czech Republic has spread far beyond the country’s borders.

She believes that each painting will convey a cultural message, helping readers figure out images, life and people in a country that is far from Vietnam while serving as a useful reference source for publishers in Vietnam.

“The exhibition shows our sincere desire to share Czech reading literature with Vietnamese readers and publishers, especially with the young people,” Czech Ambassador to Vietnam Hynek Kmonicek said.

The exhibition is the first event of the Czech Embassy in Vietnam after 3 years without holding any cultural event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from the artworks on display, visitors also have a chance to join activities like reading, painting, and art creation with support from doctor Nguyen Thuy Anh and her Reading Books with Our Children  Club.

 Children join creative activities at the exhibition.

“The works of Czech illustrators stand out for their creativity, unlimited imagination; for the humanity, joy and happiness they can bring, all aimed at enhancing the vivid imagination of children. To do this, Czech painters have harmoniously combined shapes and colors to create a multitude of positive emotional shades,” said Thuy Anh, who made it to the Forbes list of 20 inspirational women in 2021.

“Along with the book writers, the illustrators themselves also become the authors of those children’s books and they often dedicate their lives to making the world of children more beautiful, brighter and richer,” she said.

The exhibition will run until September 18 at Kim Dong Publishing House, 55 Quang Trung Street, Hanoi.