“Highlighting the Beauty of Hanoi: 18th Hanoi in My Heart Photo Exhibition”

The 18th Hanoi in My Heart photo exhibition was unveiled this morning (October 5) at the Temple of Literature-Imperial Academy, with the theme of 'Hanoi - 15 Years After Administrative Boundary Extension'. The exhibition has been organized by Economic & Urban Newspaper in collaboration with the Hanoi Elderly Photography Club.


The exhibition showcases over 80 stunning photographs that offer a genuine perspective from photographers and journalists on a significant moment in Hanoi’s history: the 15-year anniversary since the expansion of its administrative boundaries. This special exhibition commemorates the 69th anniversary of the Capital Liberation Day, celebrated from October 10, 1954, to October 10, 2023.

A significant achievement

 The opening ceremony of “Hanoi in My Heart” took place on 5 October at Temple of Literature, Hanoi

According to Nguyen Thanh Loi, the Editor-in-Chief of the Economic & Urban Newspaper, the 15 years of administrative boundary expansion have been a crucial period in the development history of the ancient capital city of Hanoi.

“The collection of photographs captured by seasoned photographers is of immense value, offering a unique glimpse into the evolving landscape of Hanoi. Present-day Hanoi has not only transformed into a verdant, contemporary metropolis adorned with newly constructed bridges and well-coordinated traffic systems, but has also emerged as a hub of creativity and civility, exemplifying the essence of tranquility,” remarked Loi.

Vice Chairman Ha Minh Hai expressed his admiration for the “Hanoi in My Heart” photo exhibition during his attendance at the event’s opening ceremony.

The veteran photographers offer a unique perspective on Hanoi, evoking deep emotions in viewers and aiding in their comprehension of the city’s remarkable evolution over the past 15 years since its administrative boundaries were widened.

“I believe that the mesmerizing charm of Hanoi, the capital city, will not only be showcased in this exhibition, but will also be extended to both local and international visitors through a variety of other events,” he further expressed.

 The photo exhibition “Hanoi in My Heart” is an annual event held by Economic & Urban Newspaper every autumn. Photo: Nga Chu

Themed “Hanoi – 15 Years After Administrative Boundary Extension,” the 2023 edition of Hanoi in My Heart encompasses three distinctive thematic areas: “Hanoi’s Spectacular Rise,” “New-Style Rural Areas in Hanoi,” and “Cultural Identity of the Capital.”

“Experience the Astonishing Growth of Hanoi” showcases captivating visuals highlighting the remarkable socio-economic advancements of Hanoi City over the past 15 years since its boundary expansion. This exhibition presents various aspects of the city’s development, including urbanization, urban planning projects, pivotal transportation undertakings like the Ring Road 4-Capital Region, Cat Linh-Ha Dong and Nhon-Hanoi Railway Station metro lines, and the upgraded National Highway 6. Additionally, visitors will witness the thriving commercial centers and flourishing industrial parks that epitomize Hanoi’s booming economy. Furthermore, this exhibition proudly showcases Hanoi’s successful hosting of prestigious international events, such as the historic 2019 North Korea–United States Summit and the impressive 31st SEA Games.”

Some notable works in our collection showcase the effective leadership and management of our city’s leaders at all levels. For example, we have an impressive photograph titled “Hanoi Party Committee Secretary Dinh Tien Dung Checks the Progress of the Ring Road 4-Capital Region Project,” beautifully captured by renowned photographer Thanh Hai. Another standout piece is “Hanoi People’s Committee Chairman Tran Sy Thanh Inspects a Transportation Project in Thanh Xuan District,” expertly captured by Nhat Nam. These works capture the dedication and commitment of our city’s leaders in ensuring the progress and development of our transportation infrastructure.

 Vice Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Ha Minh Hai (central), Editor-in-chief of Economic & Urban Newspaper Nguyen Thanh Loi (second from right) and guests to the exhibition. Photo: Thanh Hai

Thanks to the visionary leadership, the cityscape of the capital has transformed into a spacious, modern, and civilized environment. This can be clearly seen in Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa’s article titled “Hanoi’s Transport System becomes Increasingly Complete and Uniform”, Quang Minh’s piece on “Urban Railway Will Become the Backbone of the Capital’s Mass Transit Network”, and the informative articles on the Thang Long Industrial Park in Dong Anh District and the Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park by Tran Nhu.

The second section of the exhibition, titled “New-Style Rural Areas in Hanoi,” features artwork that showcases the transformations in Hanoi’s countryside. This includes changes in infrastructure and housing, innovative approaches to hi-tech agricultural models, depictions of rural life, industrial zones and clusters, traditional craft villages, historical houses, and the development in mountainous ethnic minority areas and Hoa Binh Province’s former districts, 15 years after their integration into Hanoi.

The thematic area “Cultural Identity of the Capital” showcases the distinct features of Thang Long – Hanoi culture, combined with the Doai (Western Thang Long) culture. It also highlights the multitude of historical and cultural relics that establish Hanoi as a prominent cultural center in the country. Notable photographs include “Unique King’s Procession Ritual on Festival Days” by Le Phu, “Culinary Space on a Familiar Street” by Duy Khanh, and “Millennial Cake Procession Ritual” by Nguyen Trong Nghi.

The webpage showcases a wide range of captivating visuals portraying the vibrant Creative City, reflecting Hanoi’s rich cultural heritage and its thriving cultural industries. The images also highlight various artistic and cultural spaces, including pedestrianized areas such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Trinh Cong Son and Tran Nhan Tong walking streets, and the historic Son Tay Ancient Citadel. Moreover, the webpage features renowned tourist destinations and scenic landscapes in both the city center and the outskirts, emphasizing the importance of traffic culture and the preservation of ancient structures.

Making a Good Impression on Travelers

 Foreign visitors to the exhibition. Photo: Thanh Hai

The 18th season of “Hanoi in My Heart” is currently taking place at its traditional location – the Temple of Literature. This captivating event attracts numerous domestic and international tourists to this renowned historical site.

Pham Thanh Son, a tourist from Bac Giang province, expressed his admiration for the captivating photo titled “Hoa Binh Park – A Symbol of Peace in the Capital”, taken by the talented photographer, Cong Pham.

“From an aerial perspective, the true beauty of the capital city becomes fully apparent. I had visited the area before, but I was taken aback by the park’s stunning beauty. The skilled photographer’s camera angle offers a closer look at the scene, capturing a comprehensive and detailed perspective that is often missed by the naked eye,” he remarked.

Betty, a tourist from the Netherlands, expressed her admiration for a photograph titled “Xu Doai” or ‘The Land of Doai’ by Tu Van Chi in an interview with The Hanoi Times.

“The composition of the photograph is impeccable, with every element carefully arranged to create a stunning image. Depicting two women engaged in the traditional activity of winnowing rice, the photo is bathed in the ethereal glow of sunlight. The women demonstrate their utmost concentration and dedication to their work, while the backdrop of the Vietnamese countryside exudes a serene and idyllic ambiance. Notably, the photographer skillfully captured the mesmerizing moment when slanting rays of sunlight cascaded from above. This photograph is a testament to the artist’s keen eye and ability to capture the essence of Vietnam’s rural beauty.”

“Hanoi serves as the inaugural destination on our extensive 10-day travel itinerary in Vietnam. This city, I must say, strikes an exquisite balance between contemporary allure and nostalgic charm, cultivating a truly poetic ambiance. Moreover, Vietnam as a whole presents a remarkable and captivating beauty that both intrigues and entices us. Thus, we eagerly look forward to returning and further immersing ourselves in its wonders,” expressed Betty.

 The photo titled “The Colors of Quang Phu Cau” by photographer Van Phuc 

David Porterfield, a tourist hailing from the United States, expressed a particular fascination with the compelling photograph titled “The Colors of Quang Phu Cau,” captured by the acclaimed photographer Van Phuc’.

The exhibition showcases a captivating photograph of the incense-making profession in the outskirts of Hanoi. This visually stunning composition demonstrates the photographer’s artistic perspective and keen attention to detail. The collection as a whole portrays the highlight of Hanoi – Vietnam, a truly picturesque country.

“Speaking about the photographers’ qualifications, I was truly impressed by their exceptional professionalism and keen eye for capturing remarkable moments. The photographs showcased at the exhibition exhibit exemplary quality and encompass a diverse range of subjects. Importantly, as a foreign visitor, this experience provides an insightful glimpse into Vietnamese culture.”

The Annual Cultural Event

The ‘Hanoi in My Heart’ photo exhibition is now in its 18th year and has established itself as a prestigious annual event organized by the Economic & Urban Newspaper, which represents the municipal People’s Committee.

The event has experienced significant growth over the past two decades and has garnered considerable public attention. The feedback received on the photos suggests that they capture important moments that resonate with individuals.

Numerous photographs presented at the exhibition have been previously showcased in the renowned photo columns ‘Hanoi in My Heart’ in the weekend editions of Economic & Urban Newspaper, as well as the online version’s ‘Elegant and Civilized Hanoi’ photo column.

The photo entitled “Xu Doai” or ‘The Land of Doai’ by Tu Van Chi

The exhibition serves as a platform for showcasing exceptional and top-tier works by esteemed members of the Hanoi Veteran Photographers’ Club, along with reporters and closely associated contributors of the Economic & Urban Newspaper. These captivating snapshots portray the city’s extraordinary accomplishments since the expansion of its administrative boundaries in 2008.

The photographs showcased depict the remarkable progress made by Hanoi in various spheres of socio-economic development, spanning from construction and urban management to bolstering national defense and security. They also reflect the city’s commitment towards enhancing cooperation, integration, and development, as well as the continuous efforts in fortifying Party committees and political systems at all administrative levels.

Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, is an epitome of dynamic and creative development. It prioritizes social security, urban environment, and new rural construction to maintain its position and prestige as a cultured, civilized, and modern capital. Hanoi continuously strengthens its development and promotes its image to both domestic and international visitors.

The exhibition will be held from October 5th to 11th at the Van Mieu-Quoc Tu Giam Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities in Hanoi. Following the exhibition, all the photos will then be showcased at Cat Linh skytrain Station from October 12th to 15th and at the Hanoi Museum from October 16th to 30th.

 The countryside village of Doan Nu, My Duc Commune, Hanoi. Photo: Dao Minh Xuyen
 “The Colour of Hanoi’s UrbanArea” by Hoang Thi Hoan
 Flower Season of Hanoi. Photo: Giang Nam
 “Hoa Binh Park – A Symbol of Peace in the Capital” by Cong Pham