These places are requested to strictly follow COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

Employees at an eatery set up plastic shields to prevent any COVID-19 spread.

Preparing hand sanitizer for diners.

Owners of a ‘pho’ restaurant in Hoan Kiem district preparing fresh beef to welcome back diners on reopening day.

Many people chose to have ‘pho’ for their breakfast nearly a month after the closure orders.

‘Pho’ is a typical dish of Hanoi and a favourite breakfast of many Hanoians.

"Although we could order ‘pho’ to eat at home during the closure, it tastes so much better served at the restaurant,” said Truong, a gourmet from Hoan Kiem district.

However, some eateries still maintain their takeaway service due to fear of COVID-19 infections.

A plastic shield ensures a safe distance between customers at a cafeteria.

Everyone hopes that life will soon be back to normal.