These four rows of Yellow Tabebuia trees are located on an internal road in the urban area of La Khe ward, Ha Dong district, open to people free of charge from all over the city to admire. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Photographers cannot miss the opportunity to "hunt” beautiful angles. (Photo: Minh Duy)

The Yellow Tabebuia flower has a proud and impressive beauty. (Photo: Minh Duy)

The Yellow Tabebuia tree is native to South America and blooms brilliantly here in March-May. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Many families take advantage of the sunny weather, go out together, observe the flowers and save memorable moments. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Young people are also with the trend, going out while dating, with pictures of the Yellow Tabebuia updated on social networks over the past few days. (Photo: Minh Duy)

Residents in the area also take advantage of the street corner, taking pictures with the Yellow Tabebuia tree before the petals fall. (Photo: Minh Duy)

No need for a photographer, sparkling pictures with friends still happen thanks to a prepared automatic camera stand. (Photo: Minh Duy)

An afternoon of leisurely cycling under the Yellow Tabebuia tree makes many people "envy". (Photo: Minh Duy)

People come to the corner of street which is avery crowded, butre also very conscious to preserve the landscape and order of the urban area. (Photo: Minh Duy)

The Yellow Tabebuia is a hardwood tree with a trunk radius of about 15 cm, height of about 2-7 meters, some trees up to 10 meters high. The large flower blooms in clusters, like golden bells fluttering in the wind. (Photo: Minh Duy)