The bright red colours of posters, Party flags and red flags with yellow stars, welcome the New Year on Kim Ma Street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Central streets such as Ba Trieu, Pho Hue, Hai Ba Trung and Ly Thuong Kiet, are all brightly decorated to welcome the new year 2022. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Large-format posters are placed at many intersections, so that people can easily see them. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

In the old quarter of Hanoi, people joyfully walk down the street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Especially at Hang Luoc flower market, Hang Ma street and the location of Phung Hung mural paintings, there is an exciting and joyful atmosphere. A very welcomed Tet for the people of the Capital, after a series of gloomy days, due to the influence of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Preparing for the 2022 Lunar New Year, Hang Ma Street has changed "its coats" with the colours of Tet decorated items. Many people have begun to visit the street to enjoy the atmosphere and shop for Tet, making this place extremely bustling. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Shops along both sides of Hang Ma Street are filled with items for the Lunar New Year. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Family members go to buy red envelopes to prepare for the traditional custom of giving small amounts of money to children, during the Lunar New Year of the Vietnamese people. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

People are immersed in the brilliant red surroundings during Tet holiday, with various and richly decorated items. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

ourists and foreigners living here are also very interested in joining the flow of people, to embrace the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Young people wearing traditional Tet costumes walk on Hang Ma Street, looking for "chill" corners to check-out. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Hang Ma Street is busy with the flow of people both up and down, creating a vivid picture of the days before Tet. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Foreigners enjoy experiencing the Tet market on Hang Ma Street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Hang Ma Street is crowded at night with people and shimmering lights. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The vibrant colours of flowers, ancient yellow walls and people in traditional costumes, bring Tet to life. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The busy atmosphere at Phung Hung mural street, in the days nearing Tet. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Visiting Hang Luoc flower market, people enjoy the scenery and choose their favourite bonsai for Tet. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Men in innovative traditional costumes. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Children enjoy running and jumping through the traditional Tet space, after one year of studying online at home. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The space of Hanoi’s Old Quarter has become a "safe, friendly, quality and attractive" destination, creating a driving force for economic recovery and development. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The atmosphere of Tet, including the famous flower markets of Hanoi, is something not to be missed.

Young people buying themselves a peach branch for Tet. (Photo: Thanh Dat)