Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the competent forces built barriers around several favourite destinations in Hanoi such as Saint Joseph Cathedral Church, Cua Bac Parish Church and Hang Ma Street, to limit the mass gatherings and prevent the epidemic’s spread. However, people in Ho Chi Minh City flocked to the city’s centre, causing traffic jams on many streets.

People were asked to scan a QR code for medical declaration before entering Cua Bac Parish Church. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The number of people coming to Cua Bac Parish Church to celebrate Christmas was not too crowded. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Some people taking photos in front of Cua Bac Parish Church in Hanoi. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The areas around Rex hotel, the head office of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and Nguyen Hue pedestrian street saw a large number of people. (Photo: collaborator)

Ho Chi Minh City people celebrated Christmas at Da Minh – Ba Chuong parish on Le Van Sy street in Phu Nhuan district. (Photo: collaborator)

Ho Chi Minh City people welcomed a special Christmas season amid the complicated development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

People took photos on a special Christmas season. (Photo: collaborator)

Christmas atmosphere at Tan Dinh Church on Hai Ba Trung street, District 1. (Photo: collaborator)

The areas around Hoan Kiem lake was crowded with people since 9pm. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The Saint Joseph Cathedral was not crowded like that in previous years, due to sealing off the streets around the area since 6pm. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The medical forces were conducting COVID-19 rapid tests for people who attended the Christmas celebration at the Saint Joseph Cathedral. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Police forces were checking ID papers and COVID-19 rapid test certificates from people before entering the Saint Joseph Cathedral Church. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The Mass was recorded online for the parishioners who were unable to come to the Cathedral for Christmas. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Christmas carols at the Saint Joseph Cathedral Church in Hanoi. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

The Christmas rites were held solemnly at the Saint Joseph Cathedral. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Attendees of Christmas celebrations at the Cathedral were asked to comply with “5K” principles. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Parents bought toys as gifts for their children for the Christmas occasion. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Functional forces constantly reminded people not to gather in large numbers on Hang Ma street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Young people were choosing gifts for their relatives and lovers on Hang Ma street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Many colourful souvenirs along Hang Ma street (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Police force of Hang Ma ward administratively sanctioned a young man who did not wear his face mask on Hang Ma street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Many young people subjectively took off their face masks to take photos on Hang Ma street. (Photo: Thanh Dat)

Foreigners flocked to the streets to celebrate Christmas. (Photo: Thanh Dat)