The Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports has launched the Hanoi Best Singing  Voice Contest 2022 with aim of finding musical talents.

 Singer Le Anh Dung was the winner of the contest in 2004. He is currently a lecturer at the Vietnam National Academy of Music. Photos: Tra My

The contest, held on a biennial basis, is open to all citizens aged between 16 and 35 who live in Hanoi.

The organizers of this year’s contest are the Hanoi Radio and Television Station and the Hanoi Music Association.

Sixty candidates with the highest scores in the preliminary round will qualify for the semi-finals. Among them, the 12 best candidates will advance to the final round.  

Prizes will be awarded in five categories namely chamber music, folk music, pop music, the jury’s most voted singer, and best song singer about Hanoi.

According to Pham Thi My Hoa, Deputy Director of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, the competition’s judges and coaches are prestigious figures such as people’s artist Quang Vinh, people’s artist Thanh Hoa, Meritorious artist Mai Hoa, choreographer Thanh Nam, and singer Le Anh Dung who is a lecturer of the National Academy of Music, and winner of Hanoi Best Singing Voice Contest 2004.

Meritorious artist and musician Tien Minh is the Music Director of the contest. He said that from the semi-finals, the competitions will be staged in the form of music galas, each depicting a theme instead of contestants taking turns singing.  

“Hanoi Best Singing Voice Contest was first held in 1987. Over the past 35 years, it has become a traditional artistic activity in the capital. Through music, the contest introduces the elegant beauty of Hanoians to a wide spectrum of audiences across the country, and abroad,” said Pham Thi My Hoa.

Hoa added that this year’s contestants will participate in many side events, including an exchange with high-performance athletes at Sea GAMES 31 and tours of the capital’s historical sites and famous landscapes such as Hoa Lo Prison relics, Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

 Representatives of the organizing board and the jury briefed journalists on the contest at the press conference on August 16.

In particular, the Hanoi Best Singing Voice Festival, which is scheduled to be held after the final night, will be a gathering of this year’s prize winners and contestants from previous seasons.

The preliminary round runs from September 12 to September 16 at the Workers’ Theatre. The semi-finals will take place between September 21 and September 23 at Dai Nam Cinema. The final night is scheduled to be held on October 11 at the Friendship Cultural Palace, with the participation of diva Hong Nhung and singer Duc Tuan.

Candidates can register to participate directly at the Art Management Office, Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, 47 Hang Dau, or register on the program’s fanpage and official website. The registration deadline is September 10.

Hanoi Best Singing  Voice Contest has provided a platform for many young singers to shine such as Hong Nhung (winner in 1987); Minh Huyen, Trung Anh (1989), My Hanh, Vi Hoa (1991), Tan Minh, Y Moan, My Linh (1993), Dang Duong (1995), Trong Tan, Viet Hoan (1997), Ngoc Khue (2001), Tung Duong (2003), and Le Anh Dung (2004).